The First Annual ACEX Alliance Conference was finally held in Moscow, the authentic Capital of Russia!

It was the first time when representatives of the Russian logistics market met their counterparts from worldwide freight forwarding companies at the Conference in their native country.

The event was visited by the leaders of the transport and logistics companies from 25 different countries, such as Russia, CIS (NIS), Baltics, the best Alliance partners from Germany, Finland, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, China, Taiwan, Canada, USA, Spain, Japan and other countries.

Participants Reviews:

 "Such negotiations are extremely important tools in our work. Potential partners who are ready to set up business relations come altogether into one place at one time. Another most important aspect is a direct personal contact because it will help understand any person better than a website, or an advertising, or a company presentation (which add on the necessary features but don’t substitute for the main one – ability to see, to talk to, and to feel a human being)”, - Maria Moskvicheva, Buro Perevozok (Rostov-on-Don, Russia).

"I am sure that the compressed spring in the international logistics industry will shoot after this meeting. Moreover, human potential of the alliance participants is huge and no peripetia in the current difficult political situation will affect mutually beneficial and efficient work. All meetings, without exception, were useful and yielded good results. The conference was conducted at top-level. I will remember it for long time, hope as the other participants", - Vladimir Boyarchuk, CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk, Russia).

"It was mentioned during the meeting by someone that Russia is a blank spot. Indeed, after this meeting things are clearer now about Russia and region. This will encourage us to really look for potential business opportunities", - Sherif Eldiwani, MESCO (Egypt).

"This was the first year but for sure it will be a well know conference with the hard job that you are doing to promote this conference worldwide. For sure Sparber Group and ACEX will find the way to start cooperating regularly", - Alexander Sparber, Sparber Group (Spain).

"By meeting face to face with the partners I feel much more confident to working together and giving credit to people I did not know in the past. ‎Trust is the basics in our business. This is very important to start doing business. Hopefully the group will grow. The next target should be 100 members to give more opportunities to all participants", - Stephan Haltmayer, Quick Cargo Service (Germany).

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"This was the first big and successful experience of international conference organization. I hope that the number of participants will be doubled next year as the information about the event will become known for the public," - Eduard Kasnapuu, ACEX Estonia.

Ayrat Bilalov, Parcel Service (Kazan, Russia): "I had some useful contacts after face-to-face meetings:prospect partners in the interested for us regions, opportunities for business development in new regions (information exchange of freight turnover between our regions with further attempt to attract these customers), acquaintance with interesting people".

Benjamin Min, RANUR (Brazil): "It was very important meetings, we can understand more about Russian procedures and business opportunities".  

Lubos Lukac, ABC European Air & Sea Cargo Distribution (Austria): "I expect strong interaction with communication and sharing good rates and sending each other some requests for quotation".

"It should not go unnoticed that the conference was prepared at top-level. We were provided with necessary information and materials in advance. All these promoted further informal acquaintance", - Lilly Nikushkina, Quick Cargo Service (Great Britain).

"I liked the format of the conference. In addition to the official meetings we had a lot of opportunities to speak with each other in informal atmosphere. In future I will be happy to participate in such event", - Anna Sklyarova, Air Cargo Service (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).

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Alexey Lipatov, Cargo-Express (Moscow, Russia): "I know for sure that all meetings were efficient, all agents were interesting. We solved many questions connected with organization of work with Russia. At first everybody was suspicious but left the conference with clear understanding and full of determination".

Alexandra Chagina, Cargo-Express (Moscow, Russia): " The interest to this event was stirred up by the composition of speakers such as Oleg Dunaev (Head of Logistics Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation), Lev Bondarev (General Director of FF Cargo Service), what is in itself a quality mark of this event".

"Now our company has a good alternative to request ACEX partners for different transportations. For example, we are starting to receive rates from European ACEX agents. And we are very pleased with them. We have already made tens of requests for both international and Russian companies. So we have felt efficiency of our participation at the conference", - Kamran Alasgarov, AG Global Logistic (Azerbaijan).

Olga Polyanskaya, Air Cargo Pro (Moscow, Russia): "I would like to make special reference to organization, timing, and efficiency of time use".

Lev Bondarev, FF Cargo (Moscow, Russia): "The event was organized with an excellent mark. We felt it very productive to meet at "your platform" some regional Russian forwarders (who are also our customers), including those whom we recommended for the Alliance membership".



Egidijus Prievelis, INGSTAD (Lithuania): "The most important thing for us is that after the conference we got concrete contacts, concrete companies. Since the main freight traffic intended for the CIS countries goes into Russia we were mostly interested in the representatives from differed Russian regions. In future we are ready to participate in such events".

Masato Iizuka, Hankyu Hanshin Express (Japan): "Had great time to meet together as one team and same directions to grow up together through the combine international and local networks. Especially face to face meeting had good opportunities. We know many member and can know what we want and what they want in this time at Moscow".

Roberto Franco Colucci, World Cargo (Italy): "I have found the negotiations/meetings extremely interesting. For us your market was always a “black hole” with many doubts and uncertainties, but now it seems we have found the right connections in this area. We have learned a lot in only a couple of days, and I am sure we still need to learn a lot more".

Along with the intensive business program for two days, conference participants were have a chance to know Russia and its historic landmarks from inside, and to establish cooperation in informal atmosphere . Evening Moscow-river cruise on the board of the luxury snow-white yacht Radisson  with night views of Moscow, the Kremlin, the Monument of the Peter-the-Great, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the famous bridges, left no one indifferent.

«The ACEX conference, held in Moscow, was a brilliant idea to start with. Almost all the one-to-one meetings I have had, have the potential to turn into mutual business. Simple idea, brilliant execution, top-notch organization and a very successful outcome indeed! We came in as strangers, left as friends. With plenty of contacts, name cards and promising opportunities in hand», - Safwan Tannir, ARAMEX (UAE).

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The goals of the annual ACEX Alliance Conference:

• Let our international partners expand their business opportunities by means of face-to-face meetings with the leaders of the freight forwarding companies from different regions of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Baltic countries

• Let our international partners, who are all stable and trustworthy companies, who have proved their creditworthiness through years of partnership with the Alliance members, who have already developed stable and regular business with Europe, Americas, and Asia, expand their agency network in new markets and find new reliable partners.

• Let all Alliance members facilitate their business relations and minimize their risks of working with the vast and uneasy market of Russia and CIS, get financial guarantees and marketing support from ACEX Alliance which is going to be a warrantor of the reciprocal trustworthiness to all companies who are the members of the Alliance

We are sincerely happy to welcome our new guests to the next ACEX Events in Russia, where unlimited opportunities of developing business and logistics are waiting for you, where we shall do our best to meet you with all the Russian hospitality and warmness.

To participate in the next Conference  or become a new member of ACEX Alliance REGISTER ONLINE

Looking forward the next ACEX Conference in cultural capital of Russia Saint-Petersburg!

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