Corporate newspaper ACEXPress #17 (september-october)

Nowadays, our lives are flooded with gadgets that replace many things, including books and magazines. But this does not mean that the content of electronic publications has become less interesting and informative.

We suggest you check it out on the new ACEXPress issue, the electronic version of which is in front of you.

Read in this issue:

  • Point of view: interview with Leonid Mukhin, General Director of the Latvian courier service PKS.
  • Major industry events: the 5th ACEX international logistics conference was held on the Baltic sea waves.  


  • Transportation in Saint-Petersburg. Service features from the AEC company.
  • Master class on the usage of drones in the logistics industry.
  • Traditional hot offers for customers from ACEX companies.

And finally:

  • Present of logistics through the eyes of the future generation. Will you guess the children's ideas about logistics?

We wish you only good news!

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