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Transport Manager

One of the leading Polish magazines devoted to the sphere of logistics published an article about signing of the Memorandum about Transcontinental Logistic Partnership in Munich. The memo was signed by 18 companies from Russia, Germany, Finland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Italy, Latvia and UAE.

Among the key points mentioned in the article there are cooperation of transport and logistic companies, transcontinental transport corridors, logistic clusters and agglomerations and the roadmap of industry development. The full text of the article is available in Polish here.

Transport Manager

Transport Manager Magazine is a Polish nationwide trade magazine dedicated to the management of road transport and logistics. Due to the business nature of the magazine, its customers are mainly managers responsible for company management, transport, logistics and supply chain.

The letter is addressed primarily to medium and large enterprises whose own fleet exceeds 20 vehicles and to companies that use their fleet of subcontractors in their operations. This is a professional bimonthly industry focused on the legal, financial, technical and economic aspects of doing business in the TSL sector.

The publisher of the Transport Manager Magazine – Media 4 Business Ltd. Publishing House - is also the organizer of the biggest national industry conferences for the managers of the transport, forwarding and logistics sector, which take place in larger cities throughout Poland. These are one-day meetings combining a strong content program with the ability to present service providers and solutions for the TSL sector. 

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