ACEX in Kazan and Voronezh Expressed Their Opinion Regarding Platon System

Due to the strike of the truck drivers caused by increased rates in the Platon system, “Commersant” magazine asked ACEX experts to comment on the impact of innovations on the participants of the logistics field engaged in the road transportations. 


According to Airat Bilalov, the General Director of PSG, the next planned increase of rates for international transportations is not different from the previous ones as the forwarders include all  collections in the rates subject to payment by the client. Increased rates are not catastrophic for the business. To the expert’s mind the majority of the strike participants, who are against the rates increase, are the “black” carriers who work in the tax-free regime. Platon is an opportunity to withdraw them to the statistical accounting with the following sanctions application.    

DSC_0341.JPG Andrey Andreev, the Commercial Director of LANKS, is specialized in the domestic transportations and feels positive effect of Platon introduction for the logistics industry at the account of additional funds receipt for improvement of transport infrastructure. In spite of the fact that the participants of the system have the right for transport tax privilege, Platon became an additional financial loading for the carriers as they are obliged to focus on the most beneficial inquiries. In addition, Platon system increased transport costs not only for the carriers but also for the consignors because of increased rates for the logistics services, what has an impact on the whole transport industry. 

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