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Lesam International Group is one International Freight Forwarder specialising in air, sea and land transport and forwarding.

In international air shipments Lesam International Group, collaborates with the most reliable companies, offering immediate services to all major destinations in the world, especially in the Middle and Far East.

Lesam International Group manages globally shipping containerized and groupage both in export and import, all over the world.

The road haulage can be completely dedicated with complete loads but also managed in groupages, according to the needs and requirements of the customer.

Lesam International Group is also responsible for all administrative and bureaucratic procedures relating to the customs clearance.


Together we are able to ignite hearts!

Significant joint transportation of Alliance members


From Italy With Love

How are Italian wines, pastas, oils and coffees delivered? Lesam International Group, ACEX in Italy, told what procedure should be followed when exporting goods to Russia.


What else Needs China!

What could ACEХ member transport to the country that has already had everything? - Sweepers.

Lesam International Group

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Viale Charles Lenormant 220 - 00119 ROMA – Ph. +39 06 653 3228

Via Dante Alighieri, 146 -  20096 Pioltello (MI)

Piazza della Vittoria 9  - 16121 GENOVA – Ph. +39 010 2366334

Via Banchina dell’Azoto 15  - 30175 Mestre (VE) - Ph. +39 041 928606

Via Tevere, 70 - 50019 SESTO FIORENTINO (FI)  – Ph. +39 055 3454134

Via Traversa Nuova Marina 8  - 80133 NAPOLI – Ph. +39 081 4971030

  • AIR FREIGHT Ship your merchandise all over the world
  • SHIPPING  Shipping "No Problems"
  • LAND SHIPMENTS  Rubber shipments across Europe
  • RAIL SHIPMENTS  Intercontinental
  • CUSTOM   100% support
  • FOOD SECTION  Food delivery at controlled temperature
  • ADVICE   Long-term experience in the field of shipments
  • CE MARKING Product Conformity Certification
  • PROJECT Shipments for large shipbuilding projects
  • PHARMACEUTICAL   Shipping with controlled temperature
  • FURNITURES SECTION  Mobile Transport
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