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Cargo Express was founded in 1992 when the market environment for cooperation between the enterprises and companies just started forming. At present the company is a big transport and forwarding holding.

Today we offer a wide range of services in the field of urgent cargo delivery within the territory of Russia, the CIS and far-abroad. Our main bases are cargo terminals in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, Sochi, Irkutsk and Kaliningrad.

Main services:

Export deliveries – being the cargo agent for such airlines as Emirates Airlines, British Airways, CSA, Finnair, KLM, Lufthansa, LOT, SAS, Aeroflot, etc. we can deliver cargo to anywhere in the word at the lowest price, as well as provide a full range of accompanying services (customs clearance, “door-to-door” delivery, packaging, etc.).   


Domestic and CIS deliveries – door-to-door airfreight deliveries via Moscow and Pulkovo airports by the nearest flights, LTL deliveries within the territory of Russia. Rail road deliveries by cargo-luggage, ferry car or container. Thanks to our transit opportunities in different cities of Russia we can always find the best option for your cargo delivery.   

Deliveries between Saint Petersburg and Moscow – Consolidated cargo is sent from our terminal in Moscow at 8 p.m. on a daily basis. Next morning the cargo is delivered to our clients in Saint Petersburg. Our volumes, quality, reliability and price of the service made us the leaders in the field of cargo delivery between Moscow and Saint Petersburg in one night.

Consolidated road deliveries from Europe to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and regions – Our cargo terminal in Helsinki consolidates cargo into several trucks which are shipped to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Ural direction, Southern regions, etc. on a daily basis. This can be cargo from Finland which arrived to the Vantaa airport or the cargo which we or our partners delivered by the economic mode from Scandinavia or the Western Europe. We also perform regular direct deliveries of consolidated cargo from the Western Europe to Moscow, Saint Petersburg, etc.

Road groupage delivery of import cargo to the bonded warehouse of the consignee is one of the most developed and competitive services rendered by our company.

Transit customs deliveries – Using our guarantee contract with the customs authority or under some other kinds of guarantee we can deliver bonded cargo which arrives to Saint Petersburg or Moscow by air or road to all regions of Russia.

VIP client servicing - Cargo Express has great authority over the clients. Our services were used by such persons as Bill Clinton, George Bush, Paul McCartney, Whitney Houston, Jiang Zemin, Muhammed VI, the King of Morocco, and many other honorable delegations and visitors of our city. 


Attention! We can provide cargo delivery to Kazakhstan and Crimea.


CARGO EXPRESS Gives Advice How to Handle Temperature Controlled Cargo

There are two main temperature modes in transportations


ACEX Easily Ships Cargo to Any Destination

The group of companies’ international network assists all around the world.


How to Handle Dangerous Goods Safely and Profitably

ACEX experts created a simple procedure of handling dangerous cargo.


Russian Sportsmen Eat Fruit from Peru

Moscow member of the Alliance arranges import of plants grown in Peru for the sports nutrition stores.


CARGO EXPRESS Provides the Middle East with Dolce Vita

Residents of Vietnam prefer Russian sweets to the traditional coconut dessert and the Japanese refuse to eat sashimi and choose black caviar.


Russian Goods in German IKEA

ACEX Alliance experts implemented a project related to the transportation of a pilot batch of ceramic pots to Europe.


CARGO-EXPRESS Brought David to Russia

Alliance member from Moscow did the customs clearing for David, a human mannequin for a popular quest.


Turnkey Transportations by CARGO-EXPRESS

ACEX Moscow delivered industrial equipment from Germany for one of the Russian companies.


CARGO-EXPRESS Develops Aromamarketing

ACEX member in Moscow arranged export for one of its customers.


Historic Treasures from Bulgaria Arrived to Red Square

CARGO-EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow has delivered exhibits to the State Historical Museum for the 140th anniversary of the Russian-Turkish War for the Liberation of Bulgaria.


Russian-Made Wallpapers were Considered Work of Art in UAE

CARGO EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow, delivered designer wallpapers to Beirut


CARGO EXPRESS Favours Development of Textile Industry in Russia

Belgian weaving machines guarantee high quality of products.


Russian Sport Complexes for Workout are Getting Popular in Australia

ACEX Group delivered sport complex of the Russian production to Melbourne.


CARGO EXPRESS Sent over 800 Books for Private Library

Multimodal department of ACEX member in Moscow organized an unusual delivery from Russia to Germany.


Season in Thailand is Open for Both Tourists and Air Cargo Companies

ACEX was among the first five forwarders having booked the cargo on the resumed flight of Thai Airways.


CARGO EXPRESS Knows how to Equip Galley on Vessel

ACEX Alliance member in Moscow easily creates special loading schemes for diversified cargo


Human Resources is Key to Everything

Three experts of the aviation department of the company successfully passed the examination and gained IATA Cargo Introductory Course Diplomas in September 2016.


CARGO EXPRESS Handled Diplomatic Cargo for one of the Embassies in Moscow

"The property of the country N" is successfully delivered to the Consular department of the Embassy in Moscow by ACEX alliance member


Boeing Engines Flew on their Own for Maintenance

CARGO EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow, delivered oversized cargo consisting of two Boeing engines from Moscow to Amsterdam by road.

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Russia, 141400, Moscow, Kommunalnyi proezd, 30, office 502, 507, 510, 511, 513, Moscow region, Khimki
Tel.:+7 (495) 120-66-69
Fax: +7 (495) 120-66-69
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Russia, 142030, Moscow region, Moscow, st. Domodedovo, md. Aviatsionny, st. Ilyushin, building 2A, office 334
Tel.:+7 (495) 120-66-69
Fax: +7 (495) 120-66-69 (0)
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Russia, 141733, Moscow, 8, Gagarina str., Lobnya, Moscow region
Tel.:+7 (495) 120-66-69
Fax: +7 (495) 120-66-69
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Russia, 109651, Moscow, bld 7, 3 Ilovayskaya street
Tel.:+ 7 (495) 925-55-35/36/37
Fax: + 7 (495) 925-55-35
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  • Transport company, vehicle owner/operator
  • Handling and transportation of special cargo (dangerous, live animals,etc.)
  • Warehouse, bonded warehouse, customs terminal operator
  • Customs clearance
  • Road forwarder
  • Airfreight forwarder
  • Rail road forwarder
  • Sea forwarder

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