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NAWINIA Logistics family appeared by merging of several big logistic companies with 30 years old history. The company focuses on high quality of services. The main goal of the company is composing values for you in the field of supply chain in CIS countries, Southeast Asia, Europe and USA. NAWINIA invests in the development of its own service infrastructure in CIS countries and China.


NAWINIA Logistics family contributes to the success of your business by increasing the effectiveness and improving the quality of logistics services.

Licenses and Certificates

  • Licensed customs representative
  • IATA agent
  • WCA member
  • The Partner of the Council of Professionals of Supply Chain


ACEX Conference in the International Arena

The eventful week of the 6th ACEX International Conference in Baku has come to an end.


Supply chain restructuring: What are the chances?

At the business meeting “Forwarding activities in new realities”, alternative routes, problems and points of possible growth in the main directions of Belarusian carriers were discussed.


Loading "at remote"

NAWINIA specialists, ACEX in Moscow and the Far East, carried out sequential loading of modules of an integrated reaction plant for the synthesis of alpha-olefins.


In Full Sail

The ship with a batch of equipment for the Rooppur NPP went to Bangladesh.


If The Cargo Turned Out To Be…Liquid

The ACEX Alliance member NAWINIA launches Flexi-service for the transportation of non-hazardous liquid cargo from anywhere and around the world.


Keep Up With High Tech

Rustam Yuldashev, Director for Strategic Development of the NAWINIA logistics company, ACEX Moscow, took part in the World Conference on Electronic Commerce and Integrated Services.


Transportation through the most stable station in China

Rail transport has long proven itself.


New warehouse gives new opportunities

Since May, the logistics company NAWINIA, ACEX member in Moscow and the Far East, has been offering its customers new options for storing and labeling products when organizing European transportation.


Business for Like

Social networks have spread throughout all spheres of our life, including business.


Logistics Update: Version 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging since January this year. One of the first industries which has suffered from the unfolding events was logistics.


Project Transportation by NAWINIA Team

Task is to deliver equipment that weight 292 tons from Zlate-Gori to Pervomayskiy in 35 days with minimization of expenses.


The Other Side of NAWINIA’s Life

NAWINIA and the “Reka Detstva” Charity Foundation helped organize more than a hundred Birthday Parties for orphans from family education centers.


Interview with Rustam Yuldashev, NAWINIA Logistics Family

Rustam Yuldashev: "I'm in the optimistic team"

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Russia, 127273, Moscow, 2B Otradnaya str, 9 building
Tel.:+7 495 150-75-02
Russia, 692904, Nahodka, 16-A Nahodkinsky ave., office 209
Tel.:+7 (4236) 620-653
Azerbaijan, AЗ 1025, Baku, 55 Hidzhaly ave, “AGA Center” Business center
Tel.:+994 12 464 40 46
Fax: +994 12 464 40 46
Kazakhstan, Almaty, 62A Abaya Avenue
Tel.:+7 777 013 82 40
Fax: +7 777 013 82 40

Air transportation

  • Fast delivery in 1 day
  • No restrictions on weight and volume

Road transportation

International road transportation:

  • Transportation from/to CIS countries, Turkey, countries of Eastern and Western Europe;
  • Tent cars with box capacity of 24, 82 and 120 cm, refrigerators, isothermal boxes and containers are used;
  • During the delivery of collective cargo the consolidated warehouses in Baltic and Germany are used;

Road transportation in Russia:

  • We execute regional transportation for manufactures and distributors of consumer goods;
  • The transportation is carried out in tent cars with box volume from 8 to 120 cm, and also in refrigerators, isothermal boxes and containers;
  • We offer the delivery of goods to network shops, collective cargo and walk-in delivery;
  • We can provide armed escort.

Multimodal transportation

The delivery of container cargo, road-construction equipment, including transportation on Trans-Siberian Railway through Eastern/Nakhodka/Vladivostok ports.
We deliver from the countries of East-West Asia by sea and further though Saint-Petersburg, Ust-Luga ports and Black Sea ports of Odessa/Ilichevsk, Novorossiysk.
We execute transshipment in the ports of Baltic, Finland, Germany and Holland.
NAWINIA has its own staff in such key ports as: Nakhodka, Vladivostok, Saint-Petersburg.

The advantages of multimodal transportation:

  • Single organizer bears the responsibility for the delivery and safety of the cargo;
  • Single agreement for transportation over all delivery route;
  • Single cross-cutting rate over all route.

Customs clearance of cargo

The company has the certificate of customs representative and can execute customs clearance over the whole territory of Russia. NAWINIA specialists can choose the required customs treatment and also collect proper documents for customs procedures.


  • Preparation of documents;
  • Organization of electronic declaration of goods;
  • Preparation of classification decisions;
  • Execution of certification;
  • Consultations on customs legislation and questions of external economic activity.

Project transportations

Project cargo is the category of goods with technical features (weight, size), which doesn’t allow to transport them on roads of common usage as it can cause damage to the roads. Therefore for the transportation of such cargo special project and route is required.

The whole complex of import of large parties of equipment:

  • cooperation with suppliers;
  • transport supply of the project;
  • preparation of customs documents with the usage of classification decisions of FCS;
  • consolidation of cargo and storage;
  • insurance and minimization of risks;
  • informing and reporting.
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