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Black Sea Shipping Service is being the provider of logistic services for a long time in port Novorossiysk, that keeps up with the time, altering services, market and rules of cargo processing.

Our experience gives us opportunity to produce quickly an optimal scheme of shipping the cargoes. We can offer competitive line of tariffs and provide credit terms of payment.

Our company always looks forward that helps us to be amongst the leaders in logistics market. We always try to optimize our possibilities, and our directorship invests the business willingly.

All of our offices are the property of the group of companies, terminal box for grain cargoes was bought in Kievskaya, also grain laboratory was bought and equipped, we have our own trucks, even a hotel was built, and that is not the complete list of the goods that helps us to produce an outstanding service and profitable offers to our client.



ACEX Conference in the International Arena

The eventful week of the 6th ACEX International Conference in Baku has come to an end.


The Year isn't Over yet…

Right now many companies can tell you what this year was remembered for, and what conclusions it left behind.


Child Stories of Adult Leaders

Who were directors of ACEX Alliance during school days: what event will they never forget, and what teachers will remember them for?


Business for Like

Social networks have spread throughout all spheres of our life, including business.


How I met COVID-19?

Spring 2020 will be remembered for warm evenings, blooming lilac and first birds’ singing ... and all these are outside the window of our house or apartment.


New Business Support Measures. Will the Authorities Help Logistics Survive?

Let's ask the first person if there is any support from the state today, and what support measures are needed for business.


Air Companies from Dubai Buy Helicopters from Russia

KA 32 helicopter was shipped from Novorossiysk to Dubai.


Cargo Traffic from Turkey Grows and so Does the Number of BSSS Customers

ACEX member in Novorossiysk won a tender for Castrol oil supply for the famous British Petroleum


BSSS Deliver Abkhazian Wine to Thailand and Russian Sunflower Seeds to USA

In March-April ACEX in Novorossiysk delivered food products to different parts of the world.


BSSS Sent 5 Containers with Vodka to Laos

Five containers with vodka and small glasses as a present traveled from Ulyanovsk to Laos via Spain.


Black Sea Shipping Services is Ready for the High Season of Grains

Russia will export a record amount of grains during this season.


Black Sea Shipping Service Ltd. Novorossiysk Became a Member of ACEX Alliance

BSSS Ltd., a new member of ACEX Alliance, is specialized in container transportations by sea and represents the port of Novorossiysk

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Russia, 353900, 42A, Gubernskogo Str., Novirossiysk
  • Ships chartering, brokerage
  • Cargo forwarding and customs declaration
  • Port shipping agency
  • Cargo / ships inspection, tally, certification
  • Container freight forwarding
  • Bunkering
  • Air chartering/tickets, tours, visa supporting
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