ATC from the Word Authority

Aliexpress's leading partner became a part of ACEX in Russia


ACEX LT Breaks Standarts

ACEX LT has special conditions for its customers.


ACEX Saint-Petersburg is Invited to the 2019 GFFG, CCA Global Conference

Eugene Apasov, CEO of ACEX Saint-Petersburg participates in the 14th Annual GFFG Global Conference presenting Alliance's opportunities and services.


Delivery from Shanghai to Moscow in 22 days from Free Lines Company

Experts of Free Lines Company choose the unique condition “price - quality” of delivery by truck in the route Shanghai - Moscow.


New Year with the Sham Glass from ACEX Novorossiysk

Book 5 containers and receive a bottle of sparkling wine.


ACEX Partners and Members Presented Their IT Solutions at the Industry Events

Alliance offers its members various business platforms, where they can present their solutions, make a presentation of their capabilities, or attend industry events that reflect current industry trends.


Go with the WORLD

The WORLD LOGISTICS CENTER has represented Alliance ACEX in Western Siberia since August this year.


Delivery at Special Rates

New ACEX Members Promotions


7 Ideas for Ekaterinburg Region Development

The Russian-Swedish business forum was held on the 16th of October in Yekaterinburg


Be More Human for an Hour and 19 Minutes with Free Lines Company

Last weekend, the team of the Alliance Moscow member took part in the eleventh stage of the hurdling - “Reebok. Be More Human.”


WORLD LOGISTICS CENTER represents the Alliance in Western Siberia

ACEX new member has representative offices in Tomsk, Novosibirsk and Moscow and specializes in the logistics of temperature cargoes.


Moscow Cargo Entertains Guests

More than 40 representatives of manufacturers and retailers, members of the Council of professionals in supply chains attended in the excursion to the freight terminal Moscow Cargo


Agency of Customs Logistics in the Heart of Innovations

The Agency of Customs Logistics, АСЕХ member in Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, this year is aimed at disclosing the export potential of small and medium-sized companies.


Virtual Tour to Boxberry Central Sorting Office, ACEX in Moscow

Automatic sorting line of the Dutch company Van Riet is able to handle about 100 orders per minute


Photo Works of the Iconic Contest Were Delivered to Yekaterinburg

Works of World Press laureates were taken to Yeltsin Center by the representative of the Alliance in Yekaterinburg


Logistics for exporters from ACEX in Samara region

Andrew Smirnov, general director of ACEX in Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, organized the training entitled “Logistics for exporters” for representatives of business of the Samara region.


Agency of Customs Logistics Knows how to Send Cargo from China to Russia

ACEX employees had to ship nine types of molds for spare parts of all a well-known VAZ-21214 “Niva” along the familiar route from China to Samara


CARGO EXPRESS Gives Advice How to Handle Temperature Controlled Cargo

There are two main temperature modes in transportations


ACEX and IALBU Aim at Blockchain Development in Logistics

International Association for Logistics Business "IALBU" and the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX signed a memorandum on strategic partnership and cooperation.


WWF Thanks Ingstad for Bisons

17 beautiful wild strong animals arrived to Russia from Sweden with the help of experts of the Alliance representatives in Lithuania.


ACEX Easily Ships Cargo to Any Destination

The group of companies’ international network assists all around the world.


CPN Annual Conference will Take Place in Colombo, Sri Lanka

CPN partner network invites ACEX members and partners to the 22nd Annual Conference.


The Costs for Transportation of Priceless Freight

Ministry of Culture approved export of the historical symbol of Brazil.


New ACEX member in Baku

AG Global Logistic has the 15year experience in the international logistics and cooperation with IASA


ACEX Develops North – South Transport Corridor with Iran

Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency with headquarters in Tehran is a new member of the Alliance.


How to Handle Dangerous Goods Safely and Profitably

ACEX experts created a simple procedure of handling dangerous cargo.


Boxberry Delivery Service Reflects on 2017

Within last year the company showed 1.5 times increase of parcel office network, 86% more imported items and launched the international returns service.


NOVOTEC plus Results in 2017

NOVOTEC group sums up the results of 2017.


Transport Logistic China will Attract over 650 Exhibitors and 22,000 Visitors

Apply for the joint NAP booth at Air Cargo China and Transport Logistic 2018.


Join ACE Global Meeting in Shanghai on May 2017

Meet 200 delegates at the 2nd ACE Air Cargo Event & Global Air Cargo Solutions Meeting on May 13 - 18 at the St.Regis Shanghai hotel.


ACEX invites its Members and Partners to GFFG & CCA Joint Conference

Global Freight Forwarders Group and China Cargo Alliance welcome delegates in Bangkok Peninsula on May 17-20, 2018 for the annual meeting.


Alliance Expands its Opportunities in Nigeria, USA and Iran

Zenith Carex (Nigeria) and Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency (Iran) joined ACEX Alliance in December.


Russian Sportsmen Eat Fruit from Peru

Moscow member of the Alliance arranges import of plants grown in Peru for the sports nutrition stores.


New Year with New Customs Rules

Boxberry, ACEX member from Moscow mobilizes all of its resources to prepare for new requirements and deliver presents on time.


Shipco Transport Saint Petersburg Enters ACEX

Shipco Transport offers special rates for LCL deliveries from the port of Saint Petersburg.


CARGO EXPRESS Provides the Middle East with Dolce Vita

Residents of Vietnam prefer Russian sweets to the traditional coconut dessert and the Japanese refuse to eat sashimi and choose black caviar.


How we Gain the Professional Experience

The CEO of ACEX in the Samara region Andrey Smirnov shares precious experience with his colleagues.


PSG Team Closed the Running Season 2017

A series of running “Tatarrun-2017” resulted in the second place in the Corporate League for ACEX Alliance member in Kazan.


Crane Tower that Weighs 100 t and 50 m High was packaged as General Cargo

The loading of the crane with 35 meter Telescopic boom took around 9 days.


What can be used both in the Desert and in the Arctic?

ACEX Yekaterinburg ships pipeline diagnostic equipment by air around the world.


ACEX Lithuania Handles any Type of Cargo

INGSTAD & CO performs project and off-size transportations that require attention and experience between the EU, Russia and CIS.


Air Companies from Dubai Buy Helicopters from Russia

KA 32 helicopter was shipped from Novorossiysk to Dubai.


Successful 2nd OPENAP global meeting for Neutral Air Partner

The OPENAP event organized for air cargo architects and aviation specialists was held on September 18-21, 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Russian Goods in German IKEA

ACEX Alliance experts implemented a project related to the transportation of a pilot batch of ceramic pots to Europe.


ACEX Yekaterinburg Keeps Magadan Charged

9 tons of equipment for a power supply company was shipped by the Alliance member in Yekaterinburg.


Boxberry Parcel Service Opened the 1500th Pickup Point

Boxberry parcel service opened the 1500th pickup point


CARGO-EXPRESS Brought David to Russia

Alliance member from Moscow did the customs clearing for David, a human mannequin for a popular quest.


ACEX Samara Develops Transport Connection with China

A successful project of cargo delivery from China was implemented by ACEX member from Samara.


ACEX member in Vietnam celebrated 10th Anniversary

DACO Logistics has 5 offices in Vietnam and 100 staff by now.


ACEX Kazan Becomes an Individual Member of FIATA

PSG has confirmed its status of a reliable partner worldwide.


From Italy to Kazakhstan in 45 Days

Since June EISA has been shipping the industrial components from the South Asia required for the metallurgical production to Kazakhstan.


Cargo from a World of Fantasy

ACEX Rostov-on Don enlarged the private collection in Washington with a creature from The Lord of the Rings saga.


All in One from the Agency of Customs Logistics

ACEX Samara knows how to combine hobby, sport and business.


Cargo Traffic from Turkey Grows and so Does the Number of BSSS Customers

ACEX member in Novorossiysk won a tender for Castrol oil supply for the famous British Petroleum


NOVOTEС Plus Cuts Customer Expenses by 10-15%

ACEX member in Novorossyisk started to reload the agricultural products from bags to the containers in bulk.


NOVOTEC Plus Offers 6,5 ha Land near Novorossiysk

ACEX member in Novorossiysk NOVOTEC Plus offers interested investors to participate in the development of a modern logistics complex and purchase an area of 6,5 ha.


Turnkey Transportations by CARGO-EXPRESS

ACEX Moscow delivered industrial equipment from Germany for one of the Russian companies.


Attention! Beware of Fraud!

An important message from NCS India, AirCargoGroup member


EISA Shipping Agency Joins ACEX

EISA will represent ACEX in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Leningrad oblast and Krasnodar Krai.



Starting with January, 1 ACEX is represented in Azerbaijan by an international forwarder and in Estonia by the biggest warehousing operator.


CARGO-EXPRESS Develops Aromamarketing

ACEX member in Moscow arranged export for one of its customers.


AIRON Logistics, Turkey Joins ACEX Alliance

AIRON Logistics is an affiliated company of Başak Logistics Group basing in Istanbul.


Russia and Canada Become Closer

Russian Logistic Alliance ACEX Signed the Agreement of Cooperation with the Canadian Logistics Network Cargo Partners Network (CPN)


Historic Treasures from Bulgaria Arrived to Red Square

CARGO-EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow has delivered exhibits to the State Historical Museum for the 140th anniversary of the Russian-Turkish War for the Liberation of Bulgaria.


ACEX in Togliatti: Cooperation with Russian Export Center Develops

The heads of the Agency of Customs Logistics took a course “Training for trainers”.


PSG and ACEX at the Top of the Himalayas.

Airat Bilalov, the General Director of ACEX Kazan, reached Mera Peak (6470 meters).


ASE Air Sea Delivered the World's Biggest Tuna

The fish 2,5 meters in length and weighting 300 kg was delivered to Taipei by ACEX member in Taiwan.


BSSS Deliver Abkhazian Wine to Thailand and Russian Sunflower Seeds to USA

In March-April ACEX in Novorossiysk delivered food products to different parts of the world.


Irkutsk Bondiana. CARGO EXPRESS Becomes the Best S007 Agent

ACEX in Irkutsk got a diploma from S7 airlines in the nomination “Stable sales”.


Russian-Made Wallpapers were Considered Work of Art in UAE

CARGO EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow, delivered designer wallpapers to Beirut


CARGO EXPRESS Favours Development of Textile Industry in Russia

Belgian weaving machines guarantee high quality of products.


ACEX invites to join Neutral Air Partner 2nd OPENAP Global Meeting

ACEX invites members and partners to join the event the premier global network of leading air cargo architects & aviation specialists.


Excavator Loading into Container Lasted 7 Days

ACEX Estonia delivers not only new construction equipment but also used machines.


Agency of Customs Logistics Modernizes Industry Facilities and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

ACEX member in Samara region supports Russian specialists in maintaining of water treatment system on the principles of outsourcing of import bargains.


Excursion to “Moscow Cargo” Terminal under Construction was Organized for ACEX Partners

ACEX clients and partners got acquainted with the course of construction and installation works and knew more about equipment and handling technologies which will be used at cargo terminal.


Russian Sport Complexes for Workout are Getting Popular in Australia

ACEX Group delivered sport complex of the Russian production to Melbourne.


Ingstad Preserves Ecology in Europe

The member of ACEX in Lithuania delivers special containers for garbage pressing.


ACEX Member in China Became One of the Main Sales Agents of Silkway Airlines

New opportunities for cargo transportation are open for ACEX clients under more attractive conditions.


CARGO EXPRESS Sent over 800 Books for Private Library

Multimodal department of ACEX member in Moscow organized an unusual delivery from Russia to Germany.


Agency of Customs Logistics Participated in the Ceremony jointly with Governor of the Region

The member of ACEX in Togliatti took park in the launch of TRIMILL processing machine manufactured at the Russian factory.


LANKS Became Carrier for Exhibition “Hunting. Fishing”

The member of ACEX in Voronezh renders services on equipment transportation for expositions.


ACEX Estonia Got the Contract They Tried to Sign during Half a Year

ACEX Estonia won a tender for delivery of Volvo construction equipment from different countries of the world in the direction of Central Asia and signed a profitable contract.


Season in Thailand is Open for Both Tourists and Air Cargo Companies

ACEX was among the first five forwarders having booked the cargo on the resumed flight of Thai Airways.


PSG Moves to Innopolis, New IT Capital of Russia

Member of ACEX in Kazan presents its project on logistic business process automatization for Innopolis.


CARGO EXPRESS Knows how to Equip Galley on Vessel

ACEX Alliance member in Moscow easily creates special loading schemes for diversified cargo


Neutral Air Partner Presents NAX Express E-booking System

Wholesale NAX express e-booking platform will be available to Neutral Air Partner members by the end of Q1 2017.


Agency of Customs Logistics Improved Relations with Customs Authorities

The member of ACEX in Togliatti simplified the procedure of certification and cargo processing


MIG Express Struggles against International Terrorism

The member of ACEX Alliance in Boston became the member of the Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program.


BSSS Sent 5 Containers with Vodka to Laos

Five containers with vodka and small glasses as a present traveled from Ulyanovsk to Laos via Spain.


NOVOTEC Plus Became Operator of Universal Port Terminal in Novorossiysk

NOVOTEC Plus, the member of ACEX in Novorossiysk, took management of the universal port terminal with total area of 1,5 hectare in November 2016.


Excursions to Largest Logistics Properties will be Held within Framework of MMLF-2017

ACEX alliance acts as the information partner of MMLF- 2017. The excursion to the federal distribution center Sofyino of retail store "Perekrestok" X5 Retail Group will be organized on February 17 during the forum.


ACEX Represents Interests of Russian Companies on Global Airfreight Network NAP

Neutral Air Partner, the global network of specialists in airfreight industry, officially launched


PSG, Member of ACEX, Opened New Office in Novorossiysk

New terminal of PSG in Novorossiysk is equipped with modern technical resources.


ACEX Member in Voronezh Carries Out Courier Delivery Based on Own IT-System

“LANKS” improved services on courier deliveries


SLS Agency Delivered Russian Mi-17 Helicopter Simulator to Indonesia

The Russian-built and designed full-flight simulator was sent to the Aviation training center in Indonesia by the member of ACEX Alliance in Saint Petersburg.


Human Resources is Key to Everything

Three experts of the aviation department of the company successfully passed the examination and gained IATA Cargo Introductory Course Diplomas in September 2016.


Oversized Cargo was Successfully Delivered by ACEX Alliance Member in Hong Kong – FANS TRANS

The power plant element where steam is transformed into electric power, the boiler was sent to Great Britain electricity power plant by our colleagues from China.


MCT Offers Export Solutions for Clients

The partner of ACEX Alliance in Ukraine delivers agricultural products.


CARGO EXPRESS Handled Diplomatic Cargo for one of the Embassies in Moscow

"The property of the country N" is successfully delivered to the Consular department of the Embassy in Moscow by ACEX alliance member


Ingstad Delivered Future Sky-Scraper from Vilnius to Stockholm

Front elements for sky-scrapers were ferried from Lithuania to Sweden.


Marimekko wins Dubai citizens' hearts

Optima Freight, ACEX alliance member in Helsinki, exports textiles and bags of the Finnish design company Marimekko.


Boeing Engines Flew on their Own for Maintenance

CARGO EXPRESS, ACEX member in Moscow, delivered oversized cargo consisting of two Boeing engines from Moscow to Amsterdam by road.


Mining Winches were Delivered from Yekaterinburg to Tanzania by VST Logistic

The Russian equipment for the mining industry arrived in Tanzania.


ACEX Estonia Knows how to Cope with the Oversized Cargo Weighing 100 tons

The column passed 150 kilometers by truck to the port of Tallinn and was delivered to Saint Petersburg by sea.


“Buro perevozok” (Rostov) supports Russian beauty industry

"Well-groomed hands is a person's business card," thinks ACEX member in Rostov.


CARGO-EXPRESS Handles the Cargo as High as a Six-story Building

CARGO-EXPRESS, the member of ACEX Alliance, delivered grain-dryer from the USA to the Krasnoyarsk region.


DACO Logistics, Vietnam Becomes New Member of ACEX Alliance

Following global international tendencies Russian logistics alliance ACEX expands the international trade geography.


Masterclass from ACL: how mother wit can favor cost decrease

ACL, the member of ACEX in Samara, decreased the goods cost by 26,7% by means of cost reduction in the logistics chain.


NOVOTEC Plus at World Food - 2016

NOVOTEC Plus, the partner of ACEX Alliance in Novorossiysk, participates in the international exhibition of foodstuff “World Food”, Moscow.


CARGO EXPRESS Delivers Humanitarian Aid to Tundra

Medical equipment was delivered to Salekhard by CARGO-EXPRESS in aid of anthrax victims.


Black Sea Shipping Services is Ready for the High Season of Grains

Russia will export a record amount of grains during this season.


“NOVOTEC Plus” extends its range of services

NOVOTEC Plus, the partner of ACEX Alliance, has proceeded to cargo insurance from 10.06.2016


ATL’s Director participated in the conference of the RILA and the CCI in Nizhny Novgorod

The participants discussed prospects of logistics potential in the Volga region.


“NOVOTEC plus” Became a New Partner of ACEX Alliance in the Southern Federal District

“At you choice – the chain of services or the required service!” runs the slogan of “NOVOTEC plus”, a new partner of ACEX Alliance in Novorossiysk.


CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk) Delivered Baikal seals

14 seals from the lake Baikal were sent by CARGO-EXPRESS (Irkutsk), the member of ACEX Alliance, to the dolphinarium of Primorye.


“Buro perevozok” Delivered Footwear Components of Buffalo Leather from India

A New collection of buffalo leather footwear will soon appear in the Russian super markets thanks to the ACEX alliance member in Rostov-on-Don.


German and Russian logistics alliances agreed on cooperation

Work in tandem will help to unite Russian companies and logistics operations with partners in the German logistics industry


Neutral Air Partner is ACEX Alliance Global International Partner

ACEX started cooperation with the airfreight specialists united in a network of professionals - Neutral Air Partner.


AirCargo Plus Becomes a New ACEX Alliance International Partner

ACEX became an expert – an airfreight consultant in the Eastern Europe, CIS and Baltic countries for AirCargo Plus.


FANS TRANS Starts Cooperation with Aeroflot Developing New Airfreight Directions

The member of ACEX alliance in Hong Kong, FANS TRANS International, develops the new directions of airfreight along the route Russia (Moscow) – China (Guangzhou, Beijing)


PSG team ran 10 km marathon

The “Kazan marathon-2016”, the most expected sports events in Kazan, was held in May. It was attended by over 7000 people. The employees of PSG, the member of ACEX Alliance, also joint the event.


VST Logistic Launched a New Web-Site

A new web-site of a member of ACEX in Yekaterinburg became more advanced and easy-to-use.


Black Sea Shipping Service Ltd. Novorossiysk Became a Member of ACEX Alliance

BSSS Ltd., a new member of ACEX Alliance, is specialized in container transportations by sea and represents the port of Novorossiysk


The biggest sapphire, weighting 300 kg, was sent by CARGO EXPRESS

In the beginning of March CARGO EXPRESS delivered cargo for one of the biggest Russian companies to Shanghai for the purpose of participation in “SEMICON CHINA 2016” (annual international exhibition of semiconductor industry).


CARGO EXPRESS Wins in the Airfreight Nomination “The Biggest tonnage”

CARGO EXPRESS was awarded with a Golden disk in the airfreight nomination “The biggest tonnage” at the tenth anniversary of “FF Cargo Service.


CARGO EXPRESS won the “TOP agent of Emirates” prize for the fifth time.

CARGO EXPRESS was nominated the best agent of Emirates following the results of 2014-2015.


Complex Project on Italian Equipment Delivery was Organized by the Agency of Customs Logistics (Togliatti).

26 containers and flat racks with over-sized equipment were delivered to one of the countries of the Middle East


VST Logistic Successfully Delivered the Fur Seal from Ekaterinburg to Sochi

Thanks to VST Logistic and the Ural Airways pinnipedian Snezhok will perform with the Dolphinarium road tour on the Black Sea coast


Lanks open North Caucasus as their new field of concern

Lanks continues to widen the geography of their presence in different regions of Russia.


CARGO EXPRESS (Irkutsk) exports Russian mayonnaise, mustard and cakes

Russian products are in great demand in Asia


Taiwan’s Exports Set to Grow 2.0 Percent or More in 2016

ASE informs partners about foreign trade in Taiwan for today.


Alliance Partner in China FANS TRANS Opens New Potential on the Russian Market

In connection with the FANS TRANS business development on the Russian market as well as on the ones of the CIS countries and the Black Sea coast, a new executive in charge of business cooperation development in these regions joined the Shanghai office of the company.


ACEX Member from Rostov Delivers Antelopes in a Feminine Way

10 rare animals were sent to the Rostov national park from the Czech Republic


VST Logistic Received ISO Certificate

VST Logistic successfully underwent certification procedure and received ISO 9001 certificate in August 2015 .


New ACEX Alliance Member in Taiwan

ASE Air Sea Express Ltd. signed a contract of entering into the Russian Logistics ACEX Alliance.


New Business Opportunities between Russian and Chinese Logistics.

Russian logistics alliance ACEX and Chinese company FANS TRANS International develop the Russian market


11th Annual Conference of the WFA (WORLD FREIGHT ALLIANCE)

On October 21-23, the 11th annual conference of the WORLD FREIGHT ALLIANCE took place in Lisbon. The conference was attended by 70 representatives from 33 companies.


Air Charter Service announces the half year results

Air Charter Service has reported the first half of the year results, with more than a 20% increase in both revenue and number of charters.


ASE Air Sea Express Ltd participated in the conference of ACEX Alliance

Stephen Lee, the General Manager of ASE Air Sea Express Ltd., took part in the second conference of ACEX Alliance which took place on September 5 in Saint Petersburg.


American company joined ACEX Russian Logistics Alliance

Appearance of a reliable American transport company in the ACEX alliance is of great demand and will help members of the alliance serve cargoes in any city of the USA and Canada.


SLS-Agency Represents Interests of ACEX Alliance in Northwest Region

In July “Smart Logistic Solutions Agency”, a new member of ACEX in Saint Petersburg, joint the Alliance.


Air Charter Service Joined ACEX

The leader of air freight charter and the first Russian worldwide logistics alliance signed a vendor agreement of partnership


Moscow Cargo starts cooperation with ACEX Logistics Alliance

Moscow Cargo terminal and ACEX Worldwide Logistics Alliance have signed the cooperation Agreement.


WORLD CARGO S.r.l. Provided EXPO Milano 2015 with the Best Russian Goods.

ACEX partner in Italy, GFFG member WORLD CARGO S.r.l. serve round Russian food to the world during EXPO 2015.


Free Lines Company Entered into ACEX Alliance

Free Lines Company (FLC) with over 10 years’ experience on the market of international logistics becomes a member of ACEX Alliance.


ACS Roars Into Action To Restore Rwanda’s Pride

Leading aircraft charter specialist was called into action to transport seven wild lions from South Africa to Rwanda


ACEX and ACL Signed Agreement on Cooperation and Marketing Support

A new member of ACEX Alliance in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, as well as other regions of the Volga district.


Optima Freight Received AEO Status

ACEX Alliance member ranks among the top 76 most trusted companies of Finland


FLC creates new logistics realia conditioned by crisis

On 5th March in the international exhibition center “Crocus Expo” was held a conference on matters of “Optimization of logistics services in the face of crisis: increasing of company’s profitability.”


Fast Lane Loading at Athens

A team effort between two competitor handlers at Athens International airport resulted in the efficient loading of a new Lamborghini sports car.


Optima Freight Sent Finnish Woodworking Machinery in Australia

Optima Freight transported woodworking machinery for the Australian company


In 2015 Free Lines Company continues reforming its business

Delivery by high-speed train from China to Russia, which takes only 14 days!


FLC Presented Solutions for Integrated Logistics in Retail Chains in the Frame of Roundtable Discussion Arranged by Alliance ACEX

During roundtable discussion FCL presented cases of successful solutions in integrated logistics for retail chains.


CARGO-EXPRESS Becomes the “Hero” of Emirates Airlines for the Fourth Time

The fourth in a row “TOP agent award” was presented to CARGO-EXPRESS, the member of ACEX Group.


AirCargoGroup Participated in the AfricaCargo Meet

AirCargoGroup, the leading global association of neutral airfreight wholesalers and consolidators enjoyed a successful conference at Cape Town on March 1-4


Air waybills of new format: experience in Europe and Russia

Electronic forms for airfreight processing: experience in Europe and Russia


Glowing Award from Lufthansa Cargo

Glowing Award from Lufthansa Cargo AG. QCS has won Lufthansa`s Quality & eCargo Award 2015 for the second time.


New Tendencies in Logistics. The Market Review by ACEX Alliance Members

Alliance members from Russia, CIS and the Baltics give their expert opinion on the actual logistics market and share the ideas to overcome principal crisis challenges in the industry.


Aramex Posts Decade of Consecutive Record Profits

Aramex Posts Decade of Consecutive Record Profits


Our New Cargo Bites!

Transport company “Buro perevozok”, a member of ACEX Alliance, successfully delivered Siberian tiger from Vladivostok to the zoo in Rostov-on-Don.


Customs Union Springs New “Surprises” on European Forwarders

ACEX Alliance partners in Lithuania faced difficult procedures of customs clearance.


Компания PSG LLC отправляет КАМАЗы в Перу

Производство автобусов на базе шасси КАМАЗа в Южной Америке реализуется с помощью члена альянса ACEX (Казань)


"CARGO-EXPESS" Shared its Professional Experience with Participants of “STL-2014”

Transportation of musical instruments for the Dutch Royal Orchestra - difficulties and solutions.

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