WWF Thanks Ingstad for Bisons

17 beautiful wild strong animals arrived to Russia from Sweden with the help of experts of the Alliance representatives in Lithuania.


ACEX Easily Ships Cargo to Any Destination

The group of companies’ international network assists all around the world.


CPN Annual Conference will Take Place in Colombo, Sri Lanka

CPN partner network invites ACEX members and partners to the 22nd Annual Conference.


The Costs for Transportation of Priceless Freight

Ministry of Culture approved export of the historical symbol of Brazil.


New ACEX member in Baku

AG Global Logistic has the 15year experience in the international logistics and cooperation with IASA


ACEX Develops North – South Transport Corridor with Iran

Farasoobar Int’l Forwarder & Shipping Agency with headquarters in Tehran is a new member of the Alliance.


How to Handle Dangerous Goods Safely and Profitably

ACEX experts created a simple procedure of handling dangerous cargo.


Boxberry Delivery Service Reflects on 2017

Within last year the company showed 1.5 times increase of parcel office network, 86% more imported items and launched the international returns service.


NOVOTEC plus Results in 2017

NOVOTEC group sums up the results of 2017.


Transport Logistic China will Attract over 650 Exhibitors and 22,000 Visitors

Apply for the joint NAP booth at Air Cargo China and Transport Logistic 2018.

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