The Other Side of NAWINIA’s Life

NAWINIA, ACEX member in Moscow and the Far East, and the “Reka Detstva” Charity Foundation helped organize more than a hundred Birthday Parties for orphans from family education centers (orphanages are now called like this).

Thanks to the NAWINIA’s help, the Foundation managed to expand the staff of curators to five people within their programs – each of them is assigned to a specific family education center: “Sputnik”, “Scarlet Sails”, and “The Circus Art School named by Yu. V. Nikulin", "Kakhovka Daisies" and "Kuntsevsky". The company's support in this direction helped the fund to implement the "My Birthday" program.

The idea of the program is that the curators-employees of NAWINIA should find out what the child dreams about on his birthday, and try to make his dream come true. At the same time, a gift is not a specific item; a gift is an emotion, attention, a bright and memorable day in the life of the birthday boy. Concert, climbing wall, water park... - in the course of personal communication, the curator learns what the child wants, and on his birthday tries to give the child everything so that this day will be remembered forever.

Другая сторона жизни NAWINIA
Другая сторона жизни NAWINIA
Другая сторона жизни NAWINIA

Olga Pozdeeva, founder of the fund, says that the variety of birthdays is unlimited – from going to a concert of Little Big to participating in a professional photo shoot. The curator finds an individual approach to each of the children. For example, one of the guys really wanted to celebrate his holiday in the library, and the curator agreed with the staff of the Russian State Archive of ancient acts. On that day, the birthday boy touched the original documents signed by one of the Russian emperors. The child remembered his birthday for the rest of his life, and that is important.

If you are ready to participate in such necessary projects for children together with NAWINIA, employees of the "Reka Detstva" Foundation will help you with this: 8 (495) 774 24 08, you can contact them with a specific offer or simply ask: "How can I help you?".

Let's do good deeds together!

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