HERE AND NOW. The Main Figures of 2019

Главные цифры 20195.5 tons of yeast transported by ACEX Estonia from Estonia to Egypt

Главные цифры 201930 tons of dishes from the manufacturer Moulinvilla was transported by SKY CHAIN WORLDWIDE, ACEX member in Beijing for 2 days.

Главные цифры 201913 mining trucks were delivered from Thailand to Kemerovo by NAWINIA, ACEX member in Moscow and the Far East. Transshipment of mining trucks of this class was performed for the first time in Russia. 

Главные цифры 2019On average, the delivery time of parcels from Boxberry, ACEX Moscow and Yekaterinburg from the capital to 45 cities of Russia decreased by 1.2 days.

Главные цифры 2019The cargo for the 23rd Session of the General Assembly was delivered by ACEX in St. Petersburg from Morocco to the Northern capital of Russia.

Главные цифры 20191970 working hours this year saved ACEX employees in Togliatti to their customers, providing high-quality outsourcing of import and export operations.

Главные цифры 201942 tons of tanks models, fighters and board games were transported by ACEX Moscow for children from Austria.

Главные цифры 20198 months digital logistics integrator CARGO from the company Free Lines Company, ACEX in Moscow successfully operates. 

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