Delivering a Walrus to Beijing with Joy

On October 13, a Pacific walrus named "Sonya", traveling from the St. Petersburg delphinium to Beijing, was delivered through the Sheremetyevo terminal "Moscow Cargo", ACEX member in Moscow.


"Moscow cargo" pays particular attention to the organization of live animals’ service, as each of them requires an individual approach. The company takes into account weather conditions, temperature difference and customer’s requirements and wishes.

In cases of delivering such valuable goods as Sonia, pre-flight clearance occurs in an accelerated mode. Then animals are waiting for departure in a noise-insulated room with adjustable temperature and ventilation and, if necessary, receive additional care.

It took only 70 minutes for pre-flight procedures, customs and veterinary control, and the delicate cargo represented by the walrus Sony went to a new residence – to the capital of China.

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