ACEX Finland welcomes to the 16th WFA Annual General Meeting 2019!

AGM 2019 The forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be hold in Budapest from 21st to 24th of October. There will be a busy few days which will cover a variety of activities including sightseeing tour, presentations from newest members, partners and some workshops.

The World Freight Alliance includes the largest regional operators of the Middle East, Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia, etc. The organization has representatives in various countries, based on the principle of its members’ exclusivity.

ACEX group of companies is a member of WFA since 2005, representing Russia and CIS countries on exclusive rights. Since November 2018, ACEX Finland has become a member of the Alliance.


ACEX is a member of WFA for almost 15 years. Membership in the WFA allows not only to develop business with foreign agents, but also gives a quality offer to the client when providing services in other regions. There are a lot of participating members from more than 100 countries. ACEX represents 2 countries there: Russia and Finland. 

Membership in the organization gives the opportunity to ACEX entering it to generate joint business. WFA members provide a standardized level of service in all regions to promote the growth and development of its members.

The World Freight Alliance has been holding Annual General Meetings for 16 years. Every year in the end of October members of the Alliance come to different places to meet with each other, to discuss joint projects and to get acquainted with new Alliance members.

The representatives of ACEX are going to the 16th WFA Annual General Meeting. Miroslav Zolotarev, ACEX Moscow and Nikita Kovalevski, ACEX Finland will take part in this international logistic event.  As a new member of WFA he will present services of ACEX on this event.


This year there will be bi-lateral meetings in AGM, where participants from all around the world can establish new business relations. Members also can meet freight forwarders from different countries, obtain interesting business projects in different regions of the continent and visit the main attractions of Budapest (Inc. visits to Parliament and Cathedral). This very Annual Meeting can help ACEX to find new partners in the sphere of international logistic.

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