Interview with Rustam Yuldashev, NAWINIA Logistics Family

Yuldashev Rustam – Chairman of Board of Directors NAWINIA Logistics family, ACEX Alliance member in Moscow and the Far East

  • Рустам Юлдашев30 years in logistics
  • Created 3 logistics companies "from scratch»
  • Served as CEO of ITS Japain for 7 years
  • Served as President of STS Logistics for 12 years
  • In 2006 received MBA degree after graduating from the Tokyo City University.
  • Sports 5 times a week
  • 40th place in the world swimming Championship in the category of "Masters»
  • The Chairman of Nawinia Directors for 4 years
  • Nawinia plans to take 1st place among logistics companies in Russia and CIS countries in 2025

Your company is called Nawinia Logistics family. Where did this term come from, why the family, but not just a group of companies?

NawiniaThe term "family" came to us when we were working on the project in Sochi. As a part of the project we talked to people who are “immersed” in this Olympic movement, which millions of people take part in. in this movement everyone from top to bottom uses the term "family." Thus, I’m sure if our company’s goal to be huge, this term “family” is most welcome. And in 2015 there was already a logistics family Nawinia.

ACEX, which Nawinia has joined last November, is also not just an Association of companies. What goals were you pursuing, entering into the Alliance " family"?

To expand our ability, to expand our customer base.

Always forward! Perhaps this is your motto in your work and in your personal life. What about running? In this case can you be called a real "runnermaniac". Have you trained your colleagues to this hobby? Instilled in them a love for running? How did you got here?

Рустам ЮлдашевI have been fond of sports since childhood, but I started to run by chance, meeting like-minded people who “involved” me in this hobby at a business event. In sports, everyone tries to win himself, first of all. It’s like in business. The entrepreneur must see the goal, have a team, be able to "train" and develop joint goals with the team.

That is why I am trying to engage my colleagues in sports. Sport expands the boundaries and makes you leave your comfort zone. In June in Zavidovo we took part in the IRONSTAR relay triathlon. It was a new unique format in the Russian triathlon - a mix of two distances: 1/4 and 1/8 from the “iron” one. This start is suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes. For the relay teams there was a separate standings, the participants from Nawinia were divided among themselves into the stages of the race. We starting from the shore of the Ivankovo ​​ water-collecting area, cycling and running stages were along the Yamskoy Forest natural park and around the golf course. This is a heroic feat. I am proud of my colleagues.

What should beginners not do in logistics?

Not to understand that the client is his employer. Beginners should understand that customer focus and problem solving are the core of everything.

What is the best business event you would advise a business person from logistics?

I consider the TransRussia exhibition is a good platform for expanding business opportunities.

On May 28, you announced the opening of an office in Tashkent, your hometown. Why this region? Do you want to work for the benefit of your hometown or are there other reasons? 

The geographical location of Uzbekistan is a strategically important aspect and stimulus for the development of a network of modern warehouse complexes and logistics centers of trade infrastructure, which could minimize the logistics costs of production and trading companies for the delivery of goods. Therefore, the choice of Tashkent as a location is obvious.

I started in Tashkent. I care about this city.

Where was your first open office? Is the service provided there on the opening day different from the set of services that Nawinia provides now?

I studied in Skolkovo. After graduation, there were many ideas for developing outside logistics, but in the end we remained in this industry. In order not to start all over again, we decided to take the path of acquiring several companies involved in air transportation. On this basis, we decided to create a new company.

As a result of the incorporation, we have increased many services. Today we make all types of transportation: rail, sea, air, customs clearance. We provide almost the entire chain, with the exception of the warehouse operation.

What are the main advantages of your company? What is unique you can offer to your customers? Can you convince me to order transportation from your company in a couple of minutes?

Open communication with the client, maximum trust and desire to solve the client's problems.

Three main things for development: experts in this sphere, digitalization automation and a super service. Our aim is to be  the best in Russia in terms of service.

What is the strategy of development of your "family" for the next 5 years?

The search for the “blue ocean” in logistics, an attempt to get away from the role of the classic logistics operator.

If it were not for logistics, what would you choose for your business?

Despite my various hobbies, I can’t say exactly what I would do without getting into the logistics  field. If you asked me the same question 30 years ago, my answer would not be different from today. Most events in my life are accidents - getting into the transport sector, meeting my wife on a social network. But, at the same time, accidents are not accidental. We have been together for 17 years and we have 2 beautiful children.

And what is the secret of success of Rustam Yuldashev?

They are  my team, common agreed goals, values, enjoyment from work. A common recipe is to love your job, to develop all the time, to take initiative.

My life position is always to treat everything only positively and enthusiastically. And I'm in the optimistic team.

This year, the ACEX Alliance is 5 years old. What could  you wish the Alliance?

Congratulations to the ACEX Alliance on their fifth anniversary. You are taking bold steps to help make logistics more modern and smarter. You help companies to find each other and grow. I wish you to continue your business in this way, and may success fill your sails.

Рустам Юлдашев

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