Exactly It Will Be Brightly! ACEX Summer cargoes

7 тонн манго 7 tons of mango were sent from Pakistan to Helsinki by ACEX Finland representative.
Workout Gym machine for a summer WORKOUT for a weight of 437 kg, was transferred from Moscow to Australia by the ACEX Moscow staff.
Приманки из Японии 15 boxes of chumming for fishing and fishrods for a total weight of 163kg were transported from Japan to Moscow by ACEX Moscow.
40 метров газона 40 meters of artificial turf was transported by ACEX representatives through the company's office in Lithuania.
800 тонн мороженого 800 tons of ice cream were delivered FROM Tomsk to the cities of Russia and CIS. (WORLD LOGISTIC CENTER).
30 вагонов воды 30 wagons of cooling mineral water were transported by ACEX Moscow specialists from sunny Azerbaijan to Smolensk.  (RusTrans)
40 контейнеров хлопка 40 containers of future summer sundresses, shorts and skirts as high quality cotton are shipped by ACEX Estonia from Latvia to Cuba.
1600 тонн запчастей 1,600,000 kg of spare parts for the escalator of the new shopping center in Moscow were transported by ACEX to Togliatti and Moscow (Free lines Company) from China to Moscow
15 гольфкаров 17 golf carts ACEX company transported to Moscow from China in Zhukovskiy using 2 containers
16 тонн онлайн-касс More than 16,000 kilograms of online cash for summer convenient purchases were transported from Hong Kong to Rostov-on-Don by representatives of the ACEX Southern Federal district.
1 беспилотник 1 UAV ACEX delivered in Azerbaijan to Israel (AGGL)


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