Be More Human for an Hour and 19 Minutes with Free Lines Company

Last weekend, the team of the Alliance Moscow member took part in the eleventh stage of the hurdling - “Reebok. Be More Human.”

This festival is a great team building with the throwing in at the deep of the whole team. The challenge for each participant is a race length of 7 kilometers and 17 tests, including: burpee, hurdling with a forty-kilogram bogie, a "plank" and more others.

стань человеком

As the previous year, the team consisted of six persons, including two new participants, for whom the tests became “the baptism by fire”.

And that's what they told about it:

Anastasia Sonko, specialist of the international logistics department:  “The walking on the palms around the cones performing the plank exercise became the hardest thing for me. The task was not to knock them down and keep the start position of the body in the plank, and then, climb the five-meter cable wall. The difficulty was that after the plank exercise, the hands refused to work, but we brilliantly managed it. ”

Konstantin Onyushkin, IT specialist of Free Lines Company“A non-standard task was an exercise with the heavy big ball – the med ball. In a sitting position, an angle of 90 degrees, back to back, three people in a row and so in two rows, the participants passed the “ball” overhead from the first person to the second one who was behind his back”.

Anton Semin, manager of the commercial department: “There were funny tasks, for example, we had to stand in a line, hold hands, and let the hoop pass through the row - without opening our hands in one and the opposite direction.”

Denis Popkov, specialist of the commercial department - the captain of the team: “In the final, we had to perform the “plank” exercise, forming a circle. Then everyone had to gently jump around the circle without hitting the colleagues that were lying in it. Of course, I had to start first. ”

The result of Free Lines Conpany team is an hour and 19 minutes.

стань человеком

After the end of the race, the team with the fan group - colleagues and relatives - went to the restaurant, where they celebrated their own victory over themselves.

“Be More Human” is our favorite hurdling and the great fitness festival that takes place in Moscow twice a year.


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