Virtual Tour to Boxberry Central Sorting Office, ACEX in Moscow

Boxberry, ACEX member in Moscow, actively optimizes internal processes to improve the services’ quality. Since the start of the year, the company has reduced the delivery time to 110 destinations, has involved new Russian and foreign partners. In 2017 the increase of the departure amounts was 86% in Russia, the number of parcels on the international destinations was doubled.

The modern storage equipment allows the delivery service to handle quickly the growing flow of dispatches. Do you want to see how the main warehouse is arranged?

The central sorting office is located in the Moscow region, at the address: Khimki, 30A Kommunalny proezd, building 1.

Адресный план

The area of the warehouse complex is 7600 sq.m. 10 cars can be simultaneously unloaded in the goods’ receiving area.

The warehouse is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If the online store has time to bring the goods to 17:00 in the Moscow Express Branch or at the terminal, his orders will be sorted into the night shift and early in the morning they will go to their customers.

Зона приема

The received goods are scanned. After the scanner reads the order information from the label, its status in the system changes. This technology and software, created by our developers, allows you to track the way the parcels.


Automatic sorting line of the Dutch company Van Riet is able to handle about 100 orders per minute - it's about 6000 orders per hour. The equipment recognizes loads from the smallest sizes to boxes with a long side of 1.5 meters. Packages that weight to 30 kg are unloaded on the belt.

Сортировочная линия  Cканирование на ленте.jpg

Departures are sorted through 4 special sleeves. During the movement on the belt, the items are weighed, and the scanners read the barcodes on the waybills and determine to what city the cargo is shipped. With the help of special pads, the parcels are distributed across 28 ports. From this place they will go on loading.

Сортировочная линия.jpg  Посылки на ленте

The process of one parcel elaboration, from reception to the determination for dispatch, takes 4 minutes.

Automation of sorting not only speeds up the processing of parcels in the warehouse, but also reduces the number of so-called "sends". With manual scanning, the percentage of goods that go to another city by mistake of an employee can be much higher.

Конец сортировки

To ensure safety, there is a video recording of the movement of all incoming goods. The whole territory of the warehouse is under video surveillance: there are no blind zones here. If there is a slightest suspicion of cargo opening, the security service looks through the video.


Each month 4,000 Russian and foreign online shops, thousands of parcels of individuals go through the Boxberry warehouse, ACEX member in Moscow. The existing capacity is enough to continue working in high seasons for a few years.

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