Photo Works of the Iconic Contest Were Delivered to Yekaterinburg

Winners of the World Press Photo the "World Championship" among reportage photographers of the most prestigious international competition, were announced in Amsterdam on April 12. And the World Press Photo 2018 exhibition opened in Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg on June 14. This is the only opportunity to see the works of the winners of the competition in Russia, which was given to residents and guests of the city by ACEX in Yekaterinburg.

Each photo is a work of art packed in special trunks. ACEX specialists in Yekaterinburg were responsible for delivering cargo from the airport to Yeltsin Center.

Magdalena Herrera, Editor for Geo France and chairman of the jury, on the choice of "Photographer of the Year» said:

"The photo of the year should record important events and ask us questions. The photo should touch and be a special perspective on what happened in the world last year. This is a classic photo, but it has instant energy and dynamics. The colors, movement, composition are stunning. They have power. "

The main prize went to a photographer from Venezuela Ronaldo Shemidt for a photo with a burning participant in the rally against Nicholas Maduro, made in May 2017.

Роналдо Шемидт

Jury member Whitney K.Johnson, deputy editor of National Geographic:

"It's really quite symbolic. A man in a face mask becomes not just a man, enveloped in fire, but a symbol of a burning Venezuela. "

The exhibition will last from June 15 to July 5. After that, ACEX experts will return the photo collection to Amsterdam, closing the ATA carnet. An excellent opportunity to visit the Ural capital.

Бегуны принимают участие в Песчаном марафоне (Marathon des Sables) в Сахаре, Марокко. Автор фото: Эрик Самперс.
Девушка в купальнике во весь рост учится плавать на архипелаге Занзибар, Танзания. Автор фото: Анна Боязис.

Красные ибисы пролетают над затопленными низменностями у северного побережья Бразилии. Автор фото: Даниэль Белтра.
Пингвины Рокхоппера (или пингвины-скалолазы) соответствуют своему названию, судя по тому, как они ориентируются на береговой линии острова Марион в южной части Индийского океана. Автор фото: Томас П. Песчак.

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