WWF Thanks Ingstad for Bisons

The bisons made a long way from Sweden through Finland to Ryazan region of Russia. They passed the Baltic Sea by ferry and traveled almost 2000 km in special equipped trucks.

The head of Sales Department of ACEX in Lithuania (Ingstad) Zana Tamulionienė speaks about the major issues related to the transportation of animals.

WWF благодарит INGSTAD за зубров
WWF благодарит INGSTAD за зубров


The main task is to catch the animals. It is not easy due to their size. A grown up bison weighs 1 ton, and it is 3 meters long. Specially trained personnel are usually hired for this job. These professionals do it better than any matador with a red rag.


Time of animal’s transportation is always limited especially when it relates to transportation of big animals like bisons. The trucks are equipped with all necessities but are not spacious inside. The animals can stay standing a certain amount of time that is why it is very important to develop a transportation schedule in advance.


The experts calculate duration of transportation and prepare a certain amount of food and water for bisons. These big animals are considered to be aggressive and the forwarders are strictly banned from entering the truck because of the safety reasons.


The customs requirements in Russia are different from Europe that is why at import if any type of cargo it is required to prepare all of the documentation in advance, check the certificates and permits. The animals pass the customs inspection without waiting in the line but only if the documents are fine, in case of any mistakes any type of cargo will be delayed at the customs.


WWF благодарит INGSTAD за зубров This type of transportation implies that there is always an escorting expert for assistance in any force major situation. The bisons that traveled thousands of kilometers and spent 28 hours in trucks successfully reached Russia.

Now animals will spend several months in the Oksk sanctuary before they are divided into 2 groups:

  • WWF благодарит INGSTAD за зубровOne will stay in the sanctuary for development of local population;
  • Another one will be transported to Turmon wildlife sanctuary for formation of wild living group.

ACEX member in Lithuania has a vast experience and special vehicles for transportation of animals to various destinations all around the world.

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