Boxberry Delivery Service Reflects on 2017

By the end of 2017 412 Russian cities offered more than 1,700 Boxberry pickup points, while in the same period of 2016 the company's regional network had 1,085 offices in 333 cities. The Southern Federal District, the Ural region and Siberia developed most actively in 2017.

In addition, in 2017 the company managed to increase the number of sent parcels significantly – about 86% compared with the same period in 2016. At the same time, Moscow and St. Petersburg saw the increase of the imported volume, as well as the regions. It became real due to the active development of regional online shopping and Boxberry geography expansion.

To ensure fast and high-quality processing of the large number of orders last November, the sorting line was launched in the Boxberry warehouse in Khimki, Moscow region. The new equipment allowed 5 times increase the productivity of the warehouse.

Марат Артуганов

Also in 2017 the company continued to expand the range of services for recipients. Thus, in April Boxberry International launched an international return service and became the first and only Russian company that provides customers with the opportunity to return goods to Asos, the British online store, for free. "We have managed to offer the price for services such that made it free of charge for individuals," Boxberry International CEO, Marat Artuganov comments .

The number of online stores with Boxberry delivery has also grown. Currently, Boxberry teams up with more than 4,000 Russian e-retailers and about 100 international ones. It has to be noted, earlier the main flow of imports came from the United States, whereas in 2017 a significant stream of goods from European online stores joined it. The relevant contribution to that was the launch of sorting hubs in the United States and Great Britain, where shipments of any volume are dropped off and the consolidation service is offered. And also a new warehouse started operations in the Netherlands. It resulted in the 1.5 times growth of international shipments volume within last year.

Михаил Конев

"Undoubtedly now we are aimed at further development," Mikhail Konev, Boxberry CEO, shared the plans for 2018. We have to admit that at the moment the clients' need in availability of parcel offices is not fully satisfied, so in 2018 we will continue to maintain the network growth rates at the level of 2017 ".

To reduce the delivery time and improve the quality of service for clients and recipients, Boxberry will continue to optimize the scheme of interaction with Russian and international online sellers, pre-customs sorting and customs processing of international orders.

Boxberry Delivery Service was founded in 2010. One of the essential advantages of the company is the developed network of pickup points. Now Boxberry regional network has more than 1,700 offices in 420 cities, 220 of them are in Moscow. Returns to Asos online store are dropped off in more than 1200 offices.

Courier service is provided in 375 cities. Boxberry delivers goods from 4,000 Russian and foreign online stores, as well as parcels and letters of individuals in the territory of the Russian Federation. According to the survey made in March 2017 by the Data Insight analytical agency, Boxberry offers one of the three largest Russian parcel office networks in terms of geographic coverage.

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