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The Agency of Customs Logistics by the nature of the activity and the region of presence is directly connected with automobile production. The market of modern cars is extensive, with a wide variety of offers of brands and models. As well as the nomenclature of spare parts. 

Андрей Смирнов"Today bumper became the independent goods presented on car markets and in autoshops in a big variety and considerable quantity, - Andrey Smirnov, the CEO of ACEX in the Samara region tells, - and production of each model of a bumper requires the original equipment – large-size compression molds which weight often reaches 24 tons".

Modern producers of auto parts prefer to order such equipment in China. Compression molds are delivered in 20-foot sea containers. If there is a railway component in the supply chain, then the best option is to transport compression molds in couples. It is easier to put two "twenty" and without delay to deliver them to one customer.

"But which is the option if you need to transport three compression molds under one contract?" – Andrey Smirnov asks a question and answers it immediately: "It is necessary to order three containers, but it is seductive to submerge one of three compression molds in a 40-foot container to avoid delays on the way. Then all three compression molds go in three "boxes" (two "twenty" and "forty") together, on two neighboring platforms".
Characteristics of a standard 40-foot container allow to transport a heavy compression mold in it at first sight, but the experienced logistician needs to understand how a 24-ton cargo occupying only 25% of the "box" will be distributed.

Пресс форма
The compression mold shipped to China in a 40-foot container arrived in Togliatti in time and without damages that can't be told about the container. It became necessary to organize one more logistic operation for the Agency specialists. They had to deliver the damaged container to the place of repair and to compensate the costs of its recovery to the owner.

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