PSG Team Closed the Running Season 2017

In 2017 “Tatarrun” took place in Kazan, Naberezhnye  Chelni, Nizhnekamsk, Almetyevsk. There were 7 stages in total each being unique. For instance, the preliminary stage was held in Innopolis and thus it was the most high tech. In Kazan the participants ran along the waterfront at night with flash lights. In Nizhnekamsk the marathon was in the atmosphere of the ancient Greece – at the finish line they were handed flower crowns, a symbol of Olympic Games winners.

marathonThe most colorful semi-marathon was in Naberezhnye Chelni where the runners were sprayed with paints on them. It wasn’t as spectacular as Holi, a festival of colors in India but in fact this particular run turned out to be the most unusual one.

It has all started with 3 – 4 people from PSG traditionally participating in the marathons, later on the team expanded up to 15 people including Airat Bilalov, ACEX Kazan CEO. As a result PSG became the participants of the Tatarrun Corporate League.

“I’m thankful to Damir Ismagilov and Venera Fatkhullova who set this running trend for all of us,” Airat Bilalov says. “I used to attend such events as a visitor to support my employees but now I’m a participant as well. It happened really fast. Two or three morning joggings a week give you so a lot of energy, you feel toned and you efficiency rises. I strongly recommend all of you to try it.”

marathonPSG employees ran various distances – 3 km, 5 km, 10,5 km, 21 k, and some of them even managed 42,2 km! To achieve these impressive results they were working out with a professional coach Evgeniy Krylov. And they made it happen. PSG is the winner of “B” division in the Corporate League and was the second in the overall yearly rating!

Despite the fact that the marathon season is closed, life full of sports for PSG team goes on.

Now there is a new goal for them, they want to participate in triathlon and meet the GTO requirements! One step closer to the Olympics.


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