ACEX Samara Develops Transport Connection with China

In June 2017 Agency of Customs Logistics re­ceived a request from a customer to organize the transportation of 4 cargos from China to Samara Region of Russia. It was required to deliver a press-toll for plastic casting and equipment for pounding used in machinery.

Denis Smirnov“Two of the cargoes were delivered in 20 and 40 ft containers, the other two were supposed to be delivered quickly but not by air because each piece of equipment was packed in a wooden box that weighed more than 500 kilos,” Branch Office Director, Denis Smirnov says.

There were no problems with the delivery of the two containers since the transporta­tion route that included sea and rail transportation has long been developed. We decided to transport the pallets by road. After the cargo was ready for shipment we collected the boxes and delivered them to the boarders of Russia within 12 days. The experts from Agency of Customs Logistics prepared an internal customs transit and in 12 days the cargo was delivered to the ware­house in Togliatti.

Note from Denis Smirnov

It is necessary to mention that road transportation from China is beneficial if the quantity of the cargo is less than 6 pallets. If the quantity is bigger it is more beneficial to use the other methods of transportation. It is also required to take into consideration the distance from China to the Russian borders.

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