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Cars unite several generations in Smirnovs family from Togliatti. The eldest of them is Valeriy Ivanovich, the father of the General Director of the company Andrey Smirnov. He used to be the head of Zhiguli cars transmission test department, took part in car rally and was a candidate master of sports in USSR. When Andrey was young he accomplished a motor sports first category as well, but went further in his career in international business development. His son Kirill went further in sports, when he was 16 he accomplished master category in motor sport and as a student he was in a motor sport team of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, twice he was Moscow’s champion in carting.

Три в одном от Агентства таможенной логистики

When Kirill was supposed to participate in the international competition at the Chaika motor circuit (Kiev, Ukraine) and Bikernieke (Riga, Latvia) he managed to combine his hobby and his work at the Agency of Customs Logistics.

Кирилл Смирнов

Lada Cup is the biggest international motor competition. A lot of cars, their spare parts, tools and other team belongings are being shipped overseas. ATA Carnet procedure is aimed at simplification of export products on the territory of other countries.

In 2008 – 2015 the Agency specialists from Togliatti worked with ATA Carnet several times for the sport teams from Samara region. The specialists prepared the cars and the required equipment for export and import, they provided freight forwarding as well.

“We had projects when the product classification lists included thousands of items”, Andrey Smirnov, general director at the Agency of Customs Logistics says, “carriers with racing cars, trucks with spare tyres, engines, carriage body details went on trips, there were even mobile service stations that turned into a complex for service, repairs and storage of equipment right on the track”.

Три в одном от Агентства таможенной логистики

This experience allows ACEX member in Samara region provide services related to the import of cars from overseas to the Russian Federation for road tests and other operations related to the border crossings by the means of ATA Carnet.

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