NOVOTEC Plus Offers 6,5 ha Land near Novorossiysk

In 2015 a Moscow based consulting company developed a conception of a warehouse complex and proved the viability of the project at a 6,5 ha area. The conception developer presented several scenarios for the land development, various zoning plans, description of possible renters, recommendations on space and layout design, economic model and payout time.

In 2016 the land owner developed an idea of its alternative use as a logistic park with C class warehouses, container terminal for import-export cargoes processing, loading-unloading complex for cargo transshipment and fumigation site.
NOVOTEC Plus, ACEX member in Novorossiysk developed a business idea of operation through an Independent Distribution centre for major national suppliers of products and commodities.

Vladimir Filatov«“Today companies like Lenta or Auchan use their own logistic centers that they build themselves,”  Vladimir Filatov, commercial director at NOVOTEC Plus says, “we’re offering to create a cross-functional platform where each customer will have access to any service. Convenient location and cost reduces will allow saving customer’s financial resources for other projects”.

Geographically the land has a high level of access. It is located in stanitsa Rayevskoye, on the front line from the Novorossiysk – Natukhaevskaya road, 9 km away from the federal highway M-4. The distance to Novorossiysk port is 24 km, to Anapa and Novorossiysk 19 and 21 km.

Presence of such property near Novorossiysk will undoubtedly have a number of advantages.

First of all, it will allow suppliers and supply chains to make a step forward in sales in the Southern region of Russia due to the reduction of transportation costs and product cost since the supply chains will be optimized.

Secondly, the distribution centre  will be located close to the final customers of the Southern region (Southern Federal District, North Caucasian Federal District, Krasnodar Krai, Black Sea Coast, Crimea and Sevastopol), in its turn it will substantially decrease the delivery term, prolong the product lifespan, reduce the utilization term, enhance quality and timing of the deliverers.


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