Agency of Customs Logistics Modernizes Industry Facilities and Housing and Utilities Infrastructure

“Agency of Customs Logistics”, ACEX member in Samara region, provides industry and municipal enterprises with modern shredders, on the principles of outsourcing of import bargains. The equipment is designed to remove mechanical impurities and waste in the water treatment systems of housing and communal services and industry facilities. The Agency orders the equipment from the foreign manufacturer, delivers it to Russia, carries out customs processing and then delivers to the client’s enterprise to the place of modernization of water treatment systems. 

Before installation

до установки

The modern solutions for water treatment systems are both technically complicated and financially burdensome.   The systems are used everywhere starting with housing and communal services of municipal structures and ending with different industry enterprises. At present the systems of industry water treatment are in a greater degree outmoded in Russia. In modern economic conditions it is impossible to produce competitive product without use of modern technologies of water treatment. 

Смирнов “Like any complicated equipment the  shredders require service maintenance, - comments Andrey Smirnov, the General Director of the Agency, - that is why besides new equipment delivery we carry out urgent deliveries of spare parts for service maintenance”.  

The Agency of Customs Logistics has been working on the project connected with water treatment systems starting from 2015. The first order for equipment production was placed in August 2015 at the factory in Great Britain.  The cycle of one unit production is equal to 3-5 months. For the current period, 14 systems have been manufactured, at present time deliveries and opening of new orders are under negotiations in the territory of Russia.   

After installation

после установки

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