Agency of Customs Logistics Improved Relations with Customs Authorities

Agency of Customs Logistics LLC, the member of ACEX in Togliatti, has received the approval from the Main Administration for Federal Customs Revenue of the Federal Customs Service for Russia of its application for inclusion of the Agency into the schedule of accounts administration of payers of customs duties, taxes and fees in a single resource open on the level of the FCS of Russia with application of a special software since January 10. This procedure is new for the participants of the foreign economic activity and its application is regulated by the order of the FCS of Russia as of 22.08. 2016 №1617.

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Andrey Smirnov, the head of the Agency, tells what this means for the company: “In cooperation with the customs authorities this means one more step towards simplifying procedure of certification and cargo processing for the Agency. So far we used to issue payment orders and make transfer of customs payments and taxes to definite customs offices where we had been processing import or export cargo. We had simultaneously four or five of such customs posts in different time of work. Resources remaining on the accounts of these customs offices after the delivery processing had to be returned to our settlement account or used the next time in case the cargo should have arrived at this post.”

Now such approval enables the company to make single payments on the central licensed account in the FCS of Russia, so as all required customs posts have access to this account. 

Benefits for the company are as follows: accounting of balance is simplified; load of work of the accountants is decreased, as before they had to make settlements and verifications with several customs offices simultaneously.   

Andrey Smirnov hopes that this technological novelty will be useful for other Alliance members.

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