Masterclass from ACL: how mother wit can favor cost decrease

The “Agency of customs logistics” has been delivering a wide variety of liquid concrete additives from different countries of the world to Russia for almost 5 years already. The goods are usually delivered to the final consumer in special plastic containers of different capacity which are convenient for further distribution by the industrial enterprises.    

However, modern conditions of the logistics market require new solutions which can favor cost decrease and expenses optimization in the supply chain. That is why the Agency’s specialists offered the client to reduce the price of delivery by putting the liquid cargo into the 20ST container equipped with flexitank. This could allow to pour out the commodity into the plastic containers in the territory of Russia and save on the cost of import containers and payment to the supplier for pouring services.

The cargo was shipped under CIF terms by truck from Klaipeda (Lithuania) to Russia.  

In spite of the fact that all technological nuances had been agreed with the consignee in advance: the staff had been instructed, efficiency of the pump system had been checked, the drain hose had been prepared, - during unloading process an unforeseen situation occurred – it became impossible to join two elements of the drain pipeline because of mismatch of their diameters.  

нестыковка в системе  проблема решается

Luckily, the Agency’s specialists, who were present during unloading, showed technical “mother wit” and managed the situation having jointed the elements by means of additional crinkled hoses of different sections.      

Finally the delivery was complete when the emptied flexitank was carefully removed from the container for further utilization at the place of delivery. In comparison with the previous period the goods cost for the client was decreased by 26.7%.

Заработало!насосная станция  

*The photos in the material are taken by Elena Motova and Alexey Gamanov.

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