Complex Project on Italian Equipment Delivery was Organized by the Agency of Customs Logistics (Togliatti).

In the second half of 2015 the Agency of Customs Logistics (ACL), our partner in Togliatti, was requested by the Italian engineering company about the delivery from the Russian Federation to the country in the Middle East. "ACL" had to deliver a polyester production line of an Italian manufacture which was imported in our country and for a long operated in the territory of one of the manufacturing enterprises of the Privolzhsky region.    

The service consisted of a complex of works: dismounting of previously used equipment installed in the manufactured complex; package into wooden boxes; delivery of packed equipment to the customs terminal; fulfillment of all required export formalities; loading into containers; delivery to the port of Novorossiysk and then to the port of destination.

In order to organize cooperation with the partners specialized in installation operation, road and rail transportations, terminal and customs services, the representatives of the Agency of Customs Logistics developed an action plan and organized a consecutive chain of required works, document processing for declaring and customs clearance of the cargo exported from the RF, as well as its multimodal transportation by the assigned route in the MAERSK containers.      

While the works fulfillment it occurred that some parts of the dismantled equipment exceed the overall dimensions of the container, as well as exceed obstruction gage limit permitted for cargo transportation on standard railway platforms.    

Specialist of the company jointly with the representatives of MAERSK managed to organize prompt delivery of other means for transportation of oversized parts of the equipment, then deliver them to the port of Novorossiysk and after fulfillment of all requirements of the surveyor the cargo, which consisted of 26 containers and flatracks, was loaded on the vessel and delivered to the port of destination.     

Andrey Smirnov, the head of “ACL” informed: “We acquired valuable experience in a new to us field of project logistics while working hard in agreement with all ATL subdivisions and partners in Togliatti, Novorossiysk and Italy.”  

Агентство Таможенной Логистики

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