Welcome to the Club!

AGGL, ACEX member in Azerbaijan, has joined the Caspian European Club.


How I met COVID-19?

Spring 2020 will be remembered for warm evenings, blooming lilac and first birds’ singing ... and all these are outside the window of our house or apartment.


Alliance Logistics Dynasties

One of the main values of the organization is teamwork. And the best team is the family.


German Transportation at Delicious Russian Rates

ACEX Lithuania offers to come out of quarantine with a great mood and pleasant prices for truck delivery from Germany to Russia.


Logistics Update: Version 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has been raging since January this year. One of the first industries which has suffered from the unfolding events was logistics.


Enter Amazon via CFL Company

ACEХ in Amsterdam is focused on working with cargo for European trading platforms and offers customers access to European marketplaces with the company's capabilities.


Andrey Smirnov: Life is Movement!

Andrey Smirnov, General Director of Customs logistics Agency, ACEX Alliance member in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions.


Contribution to Sports

ACEX specialists transported tractors and artificial lawns for the construction of sports facilities in Russia.


"Delicious" Dutch Logistics Services from Customer-First Logistics

CFL, which joined ACEX Alliance in the beginning of 2020, provides transport services at Amsterdam airport, many of which are particularly popular among customers.


Delivery all over Europe by own Trailers

Starting in March 2020, ACEX Finland began to organize intra-European deliveries by trucks.

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