3000 Logisticians and Industrialists Attended the X Forum in Voronezh

X Voronezh Industrial Forum took place on May 23, 2017 on one platform with the interregional forum "Logistics of the Black Earth" having joint program.

The Logistic Forum was organized with active participation of the representative of ACEX alliance in Voronezh company LANKS and its head Andrey Andreev who represents the network organization "Alliance of the Voronezh Logisticians".

Промышленный форум
Логистика Черноземья

The representatives of the state organizations - the Ministry of Trade and Chamber of Commerce and Industry, representatives of the Russian Export Center, and various business structures took part in the forum. Participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg and also nearby regions gathered at the exhibition center.

The forum was dedicated to the region industry development, its entry into the international export markets. The business program was conducted on several platforms: the plenary hall for 400 places and three halls for 100 places each.

Participants had an opportunity not only to listen to a speech of the experts, but also to present their own stand in the pavilion of the exhibition, to meet visitors and to tell about their companies.

Альянс Воронежских Логистов
Слева направо: Андрей Андреев, Ольга Благонадеждина, Мирослав Золотарев

Miroslav Zolotarev, Board Director of ACEX alliance, the member of the Committee for Transport and Freightforwarding (Subcommittee for Logistics) Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, became the moderator of a round table "Development of the international and interregional logistics. Trends and prospects of development".

Participants of the round table have noted that the main trend is the movement towards professional outsourcing of logistic services on the basis of IT technologies following international standards.

“Logistics outsourcing in Russia is possible only due to increase of level of credibility to logistic intermediaries from the industrial companies, - says Miroslav Zolotarev, - this way is designed to release resources of the enterprises and to reduce their costs for logistics which is high in Russia”.

Мирослав Золотарев
Круглый стол

Oleg Dunaev, the Vice-Chairman of Committee for Transport and Freightforwarding of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, marked: "The idea to connect logistics to an industrial cluster is remarkable. Logistics which is considered technology of control of supply chains in the whole world becomes significant in Russia as well. Due to cooperation and creation of partnership between state structures, the industry and the logistic enterprises, it is possible to create an advance vector for all national economy and to bring it out of crisis".

The Vice-President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Padalko has reported that not only the Russian economy is endured by the crisis period, but also all world economy.  Therefore, the time while Russia will be able to overcome the difficult period depends on how the advanced logistic and production technologies will be applied in our country.

X Промышленный форум
Логистика Черноземья

The communication platform "The exchange of contacts" for partners search, in particular for logistic solutions of the industrial enterprises was organized.

Participants and organizers of the forum highly appreciated its work and professionally prepared extensive business program. In the long term the Voronezh Industrial and Logistic Forum is planned to become international and to draw a bigger attention of participants of global international supply chains to the event.

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