World Freight Alliance and ACEX – 12 Years of Cooperation

The 12th annual conference of the WFA (World Freight Alliance) members took place on September 24-27 in Rome.  

The largest companies from different countries have gathered annually for 12 years already to discuss the vital issues of cooperation, questions of the international logistics market and to exchange opinions in joint strategies development and decisions making. 


WFA is an exclusive network of the industry leaders, that distinguishes the group from the others. The members of the network have 700 offices and transport over 422 million kg of cargo per year.  

Nomination “Best in Class” received from Global Institute of Logistics is the evidence of a high status of the WFA brand.

This year the organizers made a new format of the of the conference having arranged master classes in various questions of leadership, with participation of the invited trainers with a world name.    

Richard McCann conducted workshop on oratorical skills, demonstrated technics and methods of communication with the audience: how to start a speech, how to keep focus and attention of the audience.

Fabio Grassi told how to disclose the potential of people, colleagues, partners, how to create mutually beneficial situations in the solution of questions and current business problems.  People are the capital and the only asset in the logistics (and not only in the logistics) company; it is the basis of success.    

At the conference the participants got acquainted with an absolutely new market product, namely it was an integrated aggregator of the logistics services for e-commerce.    

Tommy Kelly, the chairman of WFA, presented the concept of eShopWorld, this platform introduces integrated solutions on e-commerce delivery in the segment b2c focusing on the logistics solutions for the clients and using express operators with the best services on specific directions and in definite countries.   


Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX, comments on the importance of regular participation in the meetings of the international alliance: "The company consists of people and everything what is happening there depends on their mood, skills and knowledge. The company leadership comes from the leadership of the top managers who attend the group conferences. It is very important for us to maintain high level of cooperation between our company and big foreign corporations with the famous brands and offices all over the world. Besides confidence to Russia this enables us to be active and keep pace with the new logistics tendencies."

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