A Warehouse and Logistics Operator from North-Eastern Estonia Joined ACEX

Narva Logistics is a warehouse and logistics operator that has its own warehousing complex in the North-Eastern Estonia in Narva in the immediate vicinity of the Estonian-Russian border and Sillamae port. The total area of the warehouse is 22 000 sq.m and it is able to store up to 25 000 pallets. Narva Logistics uses WMS Logistics Vision Suite and it is one of the leading warehousing operators in Estonia. The company offers a full range of warehouse services: cargo handling, storage, sorting, prefabricated orders kitting, packaging, groupage cargo handling. It also offers 24 h cargo handling service. Narva Logistics is engaged in e-commerce as well

Дмитрий Сорокин Estonian warehousing operator joined the Alliance on January, 1. “We entered ACEX not only because of the company’s business development but because of the advantageous cooperation for projects’ execution alongside with other Alliance members,” Dmitriy Sorokin, Sales Director at Narva Logistics says.

Narva Logistics
Narva Logistics

Эдуарда Кяснапуу

The Alliance is already presented in Tallinn by ACEX Estonia that is an expert in the railway transportation to the Central Asia and Middle East. According to the CEO of ACEX Estonia Eduard Kasnapuu Narva Logistics will be of interest to the companies that work through Stillamae port and to the companies from Saint Petersburg that export commodities to the EU. The distance to Saint Petersburg is 130 km. 

The company’s profile is available here.

Narva Logistics

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