TRANSRUSSIA-2016 in Participants’ Review

What changes do the participants mark in comparison with the previous year?  What impression did the exhibition produce upon the visitors? The exponents and the guests of the event gave answers to all these questions.

Absolutely everyone notices that the number of exponents at TransRussia decreased. It is hard to say if the quality is improving accordingly. On the one hand, in the conditions of competition on the transport and logistics market in the difficult economic situation the expenses for own stand construction become unaffordable for some companies, on the other hand, the exhibition is a strong marketspeak and opportunity to show the clients and the competitors that the company feels comfort and can spend the budget on exhibition activity.   

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Among exponents there were: transport companies, infrastructure objects, such as ports, airports, cargo terminals, warehouse complexes; service providers of related fields – insurance companies, IT providers of logistics software.    

Unfortunately, the cargo owners visit the exhibition in a lesser degree. ”TransRussia  does not justify invest-funds,” comments Evgeniy Apasov, the Head of “Agency of Smart Logistics Solutions”, Saint Petersburg, “In comparison with Transport Logistics in Munich or with SITL Europe in Paris the Russian event is the exhibition of infrastructure companies without cargo owners.”      

This point of view is shared by Andrey Smirnov, the Head of “Agency of Customs Logistics”, the member of ACEX Alliance in Samara: “Having overviewed all the exponents in the first two hours I did not find anything new in terms of professional contacts at the exhibition. This exhibition is an expensive item for our company, as we search for the clients at the specialized industry events, and TransRussia is, first of all, the way to decrease cost price.”  

TransRussia-2016 TransRussia

According to the exhibition participants, a good stimulus for future participation at the exhibition will be attraction of a greater number of cargo owners at the TransRussia, especially now when the import substitution is lobbied in the economy and the Russian producers cannot find sales markets and optimal methods of delivery.  

“This year much attention at the exhibition was paid to the railway transportations focused on China and the Western Europe,” shares his impression Andrey Tokarev, the Director for technical development, “RTK Logistics”, - “Although the Western Europe is not such a popular direction, the forwarders are trying not to lose this market making concessions and decreasing rates and, as a consequence, very little attention is paid for domestic road transportations – the direction which is actively developing.”   

Egidijus Prievelis, the Head of “Ingstad”, Lithuania, notes great activity from the part of exponents, as well as draws the attention to the fact that top management of the companies send sales managers to the exhibition and as a result the partners quite often cannot get sufficient information from not enough qualified employees.  

“The exhibition is mostly focused on the Russian market, many companies offer local services,” – thinks Igor Mihailov, the General Manager of “MIG Express”, the USA, “In spite of the fact that even in the best of years the cargo turnover between the USA and Russia was equal to 3% of the whole USA turnover, I consider participation in TrunsRussia useful, as there was small though interest to the company, and the forwarders from the USA were represented quiet scanty. At TransRussia it is possible to “test the waters”, feel where the market is, and examine main tendencies”.  

The exponents think that the main goal of participation in the exhibition is the opportunity to be at the right place in the right time in order to inform about services those who are interested in this information.   

For example, Taras Shelest, the Manager for foreign economic activities, “Bereg”, explains the reason for his participation in the exhibition: “Owing to toughening of requirements to the customs clearance the people are searching for alternative schemes, methods and ways to optimize the costs connected with customs clearance, that is why we are here.”   

“We represent the Far East which is a prospect direction now,” tells Alexander Leonov, the General director for LD Logistics, “We decided to participate in TransRussia with the stand in crisis and understood that it paid off because the clients are searching for new methods of delivery. The visitors expressed interest to the company and we conducted many negotiations.”

Nikita Kovalevsky, the Head of Optima Freight, the member of ACEX Alliance in Finland, also highly appreciates quality of the event. “This year we presented a new service “pick’n pack” as a 3PL operator. One more pleasant fact for us became the format of joint participation at the stand of ACEX Alliance, what enabled to reduce costs for participation.”    

TransRussia-2016 TransRussia-2016

“The format of participation at a joint stand is very common in Europe,” tells Inna Vysotskaya, the Marketing director for ACEX Alliance, “The advantages of such participation are not only in reduction of costs by the co-exponents but also it is a great opportunity to offer the visitor a wide range of services in one place. In Russia such positioning of the companies has not become a habit yet. But we are trying to introduce this. This year our stand presented 12 companies from Russia and other countries. There were the Alliance members from the USA, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania; each company has strong points in its field of activity.”

Most participants of the biggest transport exhibition in Russia resume that it is necessary to participate, however the interest to the exhibition can be provoked only by a greater attendance not only of service providers, but also of the cargo owners, as the demand creates supply.      

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