There is never Much Starch

крахмал Did you know that starch is one of the substances that are widely used in many fields – from textile to pharmaceutical, from cosmetics to plastics. Starch can be obtained from various varieties of vegetables, such as corn, potatoes or cassava. The latter, by the way, is popular not only among the countries of Southeast Asia.

Sure, it is almost impossible to find it in the kitchen in its pure form. However, if you read the ingredients of yoghurts, sour cream, mayonnaise, ketchup, pancakes with berry filling and many other products, you can find starch E1442 or E1422. This type of cassava-based starch is widely used as a thickener. Moreover, it does not contain gluten, which means it can also be used with a gluten-free diet.

So, recently two more 40-foot containers with starch (21 tons each) arrived in Moscow. The ACEX team helped them to overcome the following route: EXW Dongguan- Xian station-Moscow (Electric coal).

When transporting starch, our specialists took into account all the nuances: maintaining a safe temperature and humidity, the absence of conditions for the reproduction of bacteria, as well as compliance with environmental requirements and norms during transportation. Moreover, a Railway appraisal report was required to transport this cargo.

Remember that any product intended for consumption has special requirements for transportation. You can consult with our specialists about the transportation of such types of goods.

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