The Gaidar Forum – Theory and Practical Realization of the Trans-Logistic Platform

The expert discussion on the topic: “Trans-logistic platform: development opportunities” took place within the framework of the Gaidar forum-2016 “Russia and the world: prospection”. The event was attended by Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of ACEX Alliance.   

Гайдаровский форум

The event organizers were the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration and the Logistics committee of the CCI of Russia. The moderators of the expert discussion were Oleg Dunaev, the Chairman of the Logistics committee of the CCI of Russia, and Oleg Protsenko, the Deputy director of the “Institute of management and marketing” faculty, RANEPA”.  

The expert discussion was attended by Denis Mazurin, the Business development manager, JSC “RZD Logistics”, Tatiana Kulakova, the Member of the Logistics committee of the CCI of Russia, the Doctor of Economics, the Professor of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics, Dmitry Yamschikov, the Member of the Logistics committee of the CCI of Russia, the General director of LLC “Alexander trading mark”, Miroslav Zolotarev, the Member of the Logistics committee, the Chairman of the First Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX.    

Oleg Dunaev informed that the discussion was organized within the framework of the IV Eurasian conference “Trans-Eurasian platform: practices, products, markets”. The conference was organized by the CCI of Russia with the support of the UNECE and the first Russian Worldwide Logistics Alliance ACEX.   

Гайдаровский форум

The forum participants discussed prospects of the logistics market development by means of creation of trans-logistic platform.

The platform is aimed at formation of efficient economic space on the basis of development of modern transport and logistics infrastructure, application of advanced logistics technologies, assistance in integration of industrial potential of the EEU countries and creation of conditions for inclusion of companies into the regional and international industrial and logistics chains.   

The participants were presented with preliminary results of the investigations connected with defining of economic conditions for formation of trans-logistic platform in different regions of the country. The investigation examined 15 regions through which it is expedient to organize international cargo transit. The investigation results will be reported at the conference at the CCI of Russia on March 24, 2016.

Гайдаровский форум

Miroslav Zolotarev noted that one of the nearest events where the trans-logistics platform can be practically realized would be the Eurasian Transport Summit. It will be organized by ACEX in April. The participants of the event will be the logistics and forwarding companies from Russia and worldwide which will discuss matters of cooperation within the Eurasian logistics space, as well as practically realize ideas, discussed at the CCI of Russia on March 24, 2016.


Гайдаровский форумThe Gaidar Forum is one of the major annual international scientific conferences in the field of economy in Russia. The Forum was established in 2010. It provides a unique intellectual platform and a meeting point for theorists and practitioners, the world leading scientists and politicians and influential representatives of global financial and business elites.

The forum discussions are focused on the acute problems of the present time. Particular importance is given to the topics connected with comprehension of the position and strategic role of Russia in the world. In the course of time the Forum became the place where the participants announce and critically conceive internal and external economic position of Russia for the nearest year. (

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