The 5th ACEX International Logistics Conference was Held on the Baltic Sea Waves

From 6 to 7 September, the wind from the sea blew towards the logistics for the ACEX conference participants. The event brought together logisticians from all over the world on a cruise ferry on the route Helsinki-Tallinn-Helsinki.

Representatives of companies from Russia, Taiwan, China, Italy, USA, Germany, Japan, Holland, Azerbaijan, Finland, Lithuania, Turkey and Estonia met on September 6 in Helsinki, where their 24-hour business trip began.

5-ая конференция АСЕХ

The Conference business part in the format of face-to-face negotiations was held for 4 hours on Tallinn Silja Europe board on September 7. During the event business program contacts were established and also specific projects were discussed: customs clearance of export cargo transported from Russia to Vietnam, the import of goods from Turkey via Novorossiysk, private line delivery Lithuania-Finland-Lithuania, the import of Chinese goods for residents of the Russia European part and CIS countries, imports of goods from Europe to Russia through ACEX consolidation warehouse in Lithuania and so on.

Денис БобраковDenis Bobrakov, commercial Director of Black Sea Shipping (Novorossiysk), said: "The Conference provides an opportunity to get acquainted personally with the forwarders of different regions, with whom we have been actively working for many years. Besides, I came to the Conference to find new agents. Because new partners are new in order to become old one day."

Андрей Баранов"The conference is an occasion to get all the managers out of their seats and meet to discuss and work out the key issues in face-to-face format, an opportunity to switch and look at the issues from a different angle," Andrey Baranov, Business Development Manager, FANS TRANS (China) comments.

Александра СахиповаAlexandra Sakhipova, Business Development Manager, M9 Logistics BV, Netherlands: "We came to this conference by the recommendation of an Alliance employee. You organized an amazing event! This is my first time at a private event of this kind. I live and work in the Netherlands, but I am Russian, and I am very proud that representatives from Russia organized an event of such high level and quality at the international level. Everything is clearly organized on time, without delay, the participants felt the care of them all the time of the event, there is an entertainment program and a business program. You are energetic, incendiary, organized."

The ACEX conference was held in different years in the largest cities of Russia – Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg, attracting several hundred foreign participants interested in joint projects and cooperation. This year the conference was held for the first time not in Russia, which means that the ACEX team is ready to show a high level of events organization in the international arena.

Enzo Bartolini"The advantage of this conference over other international venues is that a large number of Russian companies are gathered here. Besides, in comparison with others, this event provides a greater number of privileges to participants. Right here, online, we are looking for the right agent for us and work, developing with him.  A change of the conference venue and format only means that you are active, so that we, the participants, can expand our horizons and knowledge", - says Enzo Bartolini, CEO of GSC Logistics.

Денис Смирнов"The 5th conference was quite effective for our company, - Denis Smirnov, Director of ATL branch in Togliatti comments.  We discussed further steps in the development of cooperation with the Alliance existing partners, presented our capabilities and competencies to potential partners - the Alliance new members. The format of the conference turned out to be very capacious, without too much free time, which also allows me, as a person who values his time, to put a big plus in the event organization."

Steven AlvesSteven Alves, Director of Global Freight Forwarders Group (GFFG) (USA): - "The main advantage of this event is the possibility of international partnership. Building such business relationships that you can trust your business. This is important."

The conference started with a buffet meeting of participants, top managers of logistics companies. In addition to the traditional presentation of their companies, foreign and Russian colleagues took part in the familiarity game, specially prepared for them by the ACEX team. During the entertainment program, participants solved puzzles, riddles related to logistics, deciphered the famous logistics terms and guessed the names of goods by the sounds and drawings of children. Of course, all participants coped with the tasks and were dedicated to the captains of the ACEX ship.

On September 7 in the morning, the participants arrived in Tallinn, the colorful capital of Estonia. Foreign guests of the conference were able to get acquainted with the famous ancient city of the capital, see the Church of St. Olaf, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Kiek in de Kök tower and other historical buildings that are Tallinn's most recognisable feature.

Chadi Fares"I learned about this conference thanks to your team at the Transport Logistics exhibition in Munich. At the same moment I decided to join. ACEX conference is a platform for communication not only between the Alliance members, but also with other companies.  And this “useful” communication takes place not only during the event’s business part, but also, thanks to the locality and the small number of participants, during the welcome game program, gala dinner and excursions – and it is valuable" - says Chadi Fares, CEO of Eurolanes.

Kensuke Matsushita"Our company has a representative office in South Africa, and we are ready to promote our service in this region. This conference is able to help us in this, and make Africa closer for many freight forwarders," says Kensuke Matsushita, Head of the representative office of HANKYU HANSHIN EXPRESS CO. ( Germany.)

Melis OmanMelis Oman, business development Manager, AIRON Logistics (Turkey): "The ACEX Conference can be described in three terms: a fruitful, impeccably organized event with comprehensive care for each of the participants."

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