Special Cargo for a Special Place

Особенный груз для особенного места ACEX specialists in Moscow managed to participate in a non-standard architectural project. It was decorating the facade of the Holy Trinity Church of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate in the Australian city of Melbourne.

Construction work was almost completed, but the workers faced another difficult task: the delivery of the dome and cross. They were made in the Russian style by the masters of the Volgograd Art and Production Workshop "Golden domes". This task was given to the company ACEX, with the blessing of the rector of the Church Archpriest Igor Filanovskiy.

Vladimir Tsyntsar, Senior Expert of the ACEX Airfreight Department: "From the very beginning, the work went smoothly: we promptly and constructively discussed with the customer all the organizational and technical aspects of the upcoming work. Then we also easily made customs clearance of the cargo».

Особенный груз для особенного места
Особенный груз для особенного места

But the period of the pandemic has not spared this transportation. At the very last moment, the cargo did not get on the scheduled flight due to the termination of air traffic. Due to the closure of the borders at the time of COVID-19, the work on transporting the dome lasted 118 days (a kind of record for the duration). ACEX had to solve not only the task of the dome transportation as soon as possible, but also to minimize the customer's expenses related to storage at the warehouse.  The dome with the cross, one of the main elements of Orthodox architecture, was delivered to Melbourne on June 30.

The parish of the Russian Orthodox Church is the only Stavropol parish of the Moscow Patriarchate in the city of Melbourne. Even today, the dome adorns the facade of the Holy Trinity Church, which is of great importance for parishioners who cherish the Orthodox faith and Russian culture in their hearts on the other side of our planet. 

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