Requirements for Shipping Documents in China

China customs required additional information for advanced cargo declaration and improve the shipment description on June 1st. 

There are additional items to be declared and new requirements concern all shipment destination to China 

Following information is required on AWB and HAWB. 

  1. shipper's corporate registration code(identifier type and number) 
  2. consignee's corporate registration code(identifier type and number) 
  3. shipper's Tel or Fax number 
  4. consignee's Tel or Fax number 
  5. consignee's specific contact person name & contact number 
  6. nortyfy party's corporate registration code & Tel or Fax number (if applicable) 

The information is to be provided  in one of the following way. 

  1. By FWB / FHL (must be more than FWB ver.15 / more than FHL ver.4 ) 
  2. By AWB / House manifest. 

Full shipment description shall be required. When completing the column "Nature and Quantity of Goods", it is necessary to indicate the exact name of the product, the indication of the general name is not allowed. In case correct information is not provided, it may cause delivery delay. 

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