Partnerships and alliances are the future of small and medium businesses development

The idea of association and co-operation of the logistics market's participants became the main tendency and the «trend» of the year on the key transport exhibition and conference «Trans Russia 2014», which takes place annually in Moscow and gathers together hundreds of forwarding companies.  

Consolidation of efforts and resources of the companies (operators, freight forwarders, cargo owners) into unified partners associations, as well as forms of interaction between the state, customs and private businesses have become key topics of discussion at the main transport conference of this year.

According to participants of the round table on "Trends and Prospects of transport infrastructure Development", in order to strengthen and develop their positions on the market, Russian companies have to compete with global multinational corporations and unite their own power, resources and technologies. 

The conference presented the Russian international logistics alliance Accociated Cargo Experts (ACEX), established in 2013 by Russian and foreign transport companies together, as one of the real examples of the forms of cooperation in business. Alliance combines foreign forwarders, who are interested in developing business in Russia and the CIS, and transport companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Novorossiysk, Yekaterinburg and other key transport regions.

The main goal for the alliance members is to form logistics supply chain between the main transport hubs of Russia, anywhere in the country directly and without intermediaries.

Head of the Coordinating Committee on Logistics Deputy Vasili Demin said that for example in Germany there is an annual Forum of logistics companies, where general decisions are made and sent for consideration to public authorities for building of infrastructure and development of state support. And it's a good international practice.

«It is important to look for the ways of transport infrastructure modernization and market regulation under international standards with the help of authorities: the Russian government, the CCI and the regional administrations», - Chairman of the CCI Committee for logistics Oleg Dounaev thinks.

Head of Associated Cargo Experts Alliance Miroslav Zolotarev said that logistics development at the moment - is the competence of private business, which needs to unite and consolidate for this purpose. However, the state at the same time must create the appropriate conditions in the form of transport infrastructure.

Alliance leaders and representatives of the Russian Chamber of Commerce agreed to continue the dialogue and to look for the touchpoints of commercial and public partnership in the nearest future at joint meetings and negotiations.

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