“NOVOTEC plus” Became a New Partner of ACEX Alliance in the Southern Federal District

“We came to know about ACEX Alliance from our partner “ATL (a member of ACEX Alliance in Samara), which is, just as we are, a logistics operator for their clients,” tells Vladimir Filatov, Deputy director, “NOVOTEC plus”, “We have been cooperating with this company for many years; as a result we provide the client with the services composed of the opportunities of both companies. We would like that our positive experience of joint work could be continued with other alliance members.”

“NOVOTEC plus” came to the Russian market in 1993 as a logistics operator in the field of freight transportations and accompanying services in the Southern Federal district.

“NOVOTEC plus” ranks fifth among the operators on the market of warehouse services in the port of Novorossiysk. The company provides over 10 000 sq.m. of warehouse areas (class C), warehouses within Novorossiysk (3-7 km from the port) with convenient access, 4 loading ramps with opportunity of low loader, 9 autoloaders, possibility of simultaneous handling up to 10 automobiles, rack storage on 850 pallets.
Besides warehouses, “NOVOTEC plus” can offer lease of office and warehouse premises of small and medium area – from 10 to 300 sq.m., with total area of 600 sq.m and possibility to adopt premises for the client’s needs.

Being the biggest expeditor of import grains in Russia, the company is widely specialized in the import of other products; import deliveries are equal to 85% of the whole goods turnover. Customs clearance is an integral part of cargo processing; the company specialists render the whole complex of required customs services. The managers of the company have a great experience of work in the customs authorities. In addition the company specialist can handle various cargo classes and they can classify any kinds of cargo, as well as prepare solution on customs classification. NOVOTEC handles the following cargo: food stuff, building materials, consumer goods, equipment, including medical equipment, etc. The number of customs declarations amounts to 1500 pcs. per year.

Владимир Филатов“The goal of our company has always been to maintain a high level and quality of logistics services in Novorossiysk, promote attractiveness of the port for the clients”, tells Vladimir Filatov, “That is why we decided to become a partner of ACEX Alliance, within the frameworks of which we are ready to cooperate with the forwarders, customs brokers and agents, who are aimed at business development in this direction.” 

Read more about the company and its services on the web-site of ACEX Alliance.


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