NAWINIA and ACEX - Double Quality Mark

Рустам Юлдашев

Rustam Uldashev - Board Director of the Company took part in the annual conference in Sochi in September 2018 and in November the Boarding Council decided to join the Alliance officially.

“During the conference we managed to discuss the specific business on Customs Clearance and transportation from Finland with Alliance representatives in Finland, - commented RustamUldashev his participation at the conference, - also we met the participants from Turkey, Nigeria, Japan and other countries”.

The international network of partners, reliability of which is proved by years of common practice, is placed at most of countries all over the world, including remote and difficult regions in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Developed international networks in logistics are the visit card of Alliance beginning from the moment of its establishment in 2014.

NAWINIA плюс ACEX - двойной знак качестваACEX Alliance works according to the principle of exclusiveness of the region, country and key service of the partner. 

Мирослав Золотарев

NAWINIA no doubt will become useful for all Alliance members as it represents such region of Russia as Far East, its native region, where there are no representatives of ACEX yet. Also the company has big experience in project and oversized cargo transportation and it will definitely add the service portfolio of ACEX Alliance at the market”, - comments the joining of Alliance by new member Miroslav Zolotarev, the ACEX Board Director.

The Regional Director of NAWINIA at Far East Federal District points out such strong services of the new alliance member as:

- Transportation of general and project cargo (wagon deliveries);

- Container transportation;

- Road transportation from Far East over the Primorsky Krai and Russian Federation;

- Airfreight from Vladivostok;

- Customs Clearance (own license of Customs representative)

NAWINIA плюс ACEX - двойной знак качества

The name of the company NAWINIA stands for Navis (the ship) + Win + I am, the name of ACEX stands for Associated + Cargo + Experts.

New partners are sure that this cooperation of big companies on the market of international transport logistics will lead to new achievements. 

NAWINIA’s profile with full range of services is presented on Alliance website.

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