Moscow Cargo and ACEX Start Cooperation

Moscow Cargo terminal and ACEX Worldwide Logistics Alliance have signed the cooperation Agreement.

The targets that Moscow Cargo intends to accomplish in cooperation with the Alliance:

  • sharing experiences and technologies among Alliance members;
  • participation in industry’s service level standards development;
  • logistics market needs and expectations researching applied to modern cargo terminals.

The Agreement parties announced that the cooperation with Moscow Cargo as the one of the largest air cargo terminal in Russia will strengthen the existing Alliance positions.

Moscow Сargo” is the largest aircargo terminal in Russia, and its membership in the ACEX Alliance will substantially strengthen position of the group on the airfreight market in Russia. Cooperation with “Moskva-Cargo” gives the ACEX Alliance members opportunities to noticeably improve quality of their services provided to the customers related to the ground and terminal handling of the air cargo shipments via the Moscow airfreight hub, as well as it will help the alliance offer the single service standard to the international partners, help optimize their expenses, and as a result to increase their airfreight volumes and to expand their business in Russia”, commented Miroslav Zolotarev, the ACEX Alliance chairman, on the prospects of cooperation with “Moscow-Cargo”.

"We are glad to cooperate," said the Head of Marketing Department "Moscow Cargo" Arthur Akikan. - Activities in such projects helps to establish a strong feedback from all market participants, explore their needs and offer them suitable products."

Logo_Moscow Cargo_ENGMoscow Cargo – ground handling company that is operating at the Sheremetyevo International Airport more than 20 years and serving the leading airlines.

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