International Cargo-Alliance WFA has Enlarged with a New Representative in Europe – ACEX Finland

More than 100 heads and top managers of member-companies have met for the ninth time in the North America to discuss new joint operational opportunities, rating and crediting terms for the participating companies. 


New Alliance members from Argentina and Germany offering their knowledge of the logistics market specifics in their countries were introduced to the WFA team.


This time ACEX Group, being member of the Alliance since 2007, was striving to show the new opportunities in the Scandinavian region to the international partners. ACEX Finland offered alliance members the logistic services in air, road and consolidated freight, as well as warehouse services in the territory of Finland.
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Availability of the own warehouse at Helsinki airport, the highest AAA credit business rating, membership in IATA/CASS and more than 10 years working experience in the region confirmed ACEX opportunities in this region. 

Thus, ACEX Group has covered a triangle area of the Euro-Asian region from the southeast, represented by the Kazakhstan branch to Ukraine in the East European borders of the CIS, and now in the northwest, by means of the company Finnish office. 

ACEX south-Russian division participation in international agency collaboration was discussed among others. The partners in Hong Kong, Brazil, France, Germany and the United Arab Emirates showed great interest in the new ACEX office in Rostov-on-Don. 

Maria Moskvicheva, the Head of ACEX Rostov, states that the possibility of personal meeting and direct handshake will save months of correspondence. "Nothing else can promote trust and development of joint business as much, as the company's head, sitting vis-a-vis and bearing personal responsibility for quality of his and his colleagues’ work. And that means additional delay of payment possibility, crediting, more flexible rating terms for partners and for clients respectively. All these aspects provide important competitive advantages in B2B sector. The name and reputation are of big importance here", – says Maria Moskvicheva.. 

The next meeting of Alliance group will take place in 2014 in Osaka, Japan. 

World Freight Alliance 


The purpose of the WFA consists in joining independent and the strongest logistics companies to compete with the international network globalization-companies. The Alliance success has been confirmed for 10 years by profound knowledge of national logistics specifics and reliable network of the international partners worldwide, allowing confidential cooperation with members-companies from more than 100 countries.

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