“Logistics without Boundaries” was Presented by ACEX Alliance at TransRussia

Optima Freight, MIG EXPRESS, LANKS, OUTLOG, Ingstad, CARGO EXPRESS, GNS and other members of ACEX Alliance presented “Logistics without boundaries” for the participants of the exhibition. This was the slogan for joint work at the stand for several companies from different countries of the world and regions of Russia who also presented a unified alliance at TransRussia-2016.

“ACEX was the first exponent at TransRussia last year who offered the format of joint stand where the members of the Alliance presented their companies and opportunities,” comments Miroslav Zolotarev, the Head of the Russian international logistics alliance, “This year the format of the event was the same; however the number of co-exponents has increased.”  

This year the co-exponents at the stand of the alliance were the companies from Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, China, UAE, Germany, USA, Taiwan and Philippines. Russian regions were represented by the companies from Novorossiysk, Kazan, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don, Togliatti, Yekaterinburg and other cities.

During all the four days of the exhibition the alliance members communicated with the participants of the exhibition, organized reception cocktails for prospect clients in order to introduce them the cuisine and traditions of different nations, as well as they conducted several hundreds of negotiations.    

The stand was visited by the representatives of the biggest airlines and terminals - Emirates, Global GSA Group, Pulkovo Cargo airport, Domodedovo airport.  

It should be noticed that the number of visitors and exponents from China increased, as well as the stands of the Indian and Iranian companies appeared. This fact reflects modern economic reality in the context of cooperation development between Russia and countries of Asia and Pacific regions. 

The Russian business community continues to take over valuable experience of the international partners in the framework of bilateral relations and supports business cooperation. The stand of the alliance was visited by Stefan Schröder, the Head of the German Logistics Alliance, with whom Miroslav Zolotarev conducted long negotiations which were beneficial for both parties. The heads of the two alliances agreed on cooperation at the level of private business between Germany and Russia with possibility of joint meetings between the Russian and German transport and logistics companies; both parties also discussed cooperation within the framework of participation in the exhibition Transport Logistics 2017 in Munich. 

ACEX - Логистический альянс Германии

According to the feedback of the exhibition participants, TransRussia is, first of all, the exhibition of transport and logistics companies for themselves and for developers of software for logistics process management. The cargo owners, which are expected by the service providers, visit the exhibition to a far lesser degree. 

The next joint event for ACEX alliance members will be Transport Logistics, the biggest exhibition of transport and logistics services which takes place twice a year in Germany. The participants of the alliance intend to organize a Russian area with several large companies which represent the whole market of transport services and logistics technologies of the Russian Federation.

In general, the participants of TransRussia give positive assessment to the exhibition, they point out activity of exponents, interesting meetings with prospect clients and development of new directions and types of services.  

Participation of the alliance in the exhibition took place within the framework of the 3rd International Conference of ACEX

ACEX - Ланкс (Воронеж)

Логистика без границ

Карго-Экспресс (Москва), ACEX (Эстония)


Альфа Рейл

Optima Freight (Финляндия)

Дмитрий Саличев (Emirates Airlines)

ACEX - Ланкс (Воронеж)



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