Delivery from a New Latvian Alliance member!

Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss

Latvian courier company Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss (Postal and courier service, PKS) joined to ACEX Alliance in July 2019.

It's no secret that Europe plays a huge role in the logistics world. To have a partner of the European Union –any transport company’s pursuit. A convenient geographical location, a large transport hub and a continuous flow of goods ensure the success of a new Alliance member in the logistics world.

“Our company works as a logistics broker for both courier and transport services, has contracts with almost all leading international courier delivery services (TNT, UPS, DHL, FeDex), as well as transport organizations. PKS is the official representative of international logistics associations ARAMEX, VIVA Express, GDX in Latvia” - Leonid Mukhin, CEO of PKS comments.

Miroslav Zolotarev"We are pleased to welcome a new partner in Latvia, PKS, in the ranks of the ACEX Alliance. Membership of the leading Baltic operator of courier-mail services and e-commerce logistics in the Alliance will allow us to radically expand the range of solutions provided by the group members in the most dynamically developing segment of logistics, namely e-commerce logistics due to the possibility of operating in the European hub. The company has been working on the market for more than 20 years and effectively produces door-to-door delivery in the Baltic States and Europe, has a well-established system of transportation to Russia. We are confident that together with other companies of the group, such as Boxberry, PKS will be able to effectively expand the geography of the Alliance's coverage in this segment in Europe, the Baltic States, Russia and CIS countries. The company has contracts with air carriers, and also a number of customs warehouses in Latvia and Lithuania, where it is possible to organize the reception of cargo for temporary storage and to carry out the service fulfillment", Miroslav Zolotarev, Chairman of the Board of the Alliance says about joining the Alliance.

13 company’s successful projects:

Работа со сборными грузами Work with combined cargo
The company accepts for storage, customs processing and international cargoes delivery from 1 pallet or more in Latvia and the European Union.

Express courier delivery
PSK offers international express freight delivery "door to door" and international sending and receiving of courier mail through international courier networks, where the company is the official representative in Latvia - ARAMEX, VIVA Express, GDX.

E-commerce logistics E-commerce logistics
The company provides postal and courier delivery of Internet orders in the countries of the European Union.
Storage services in Latvia at customs and bonded warehouses at Riga airport. 

Handling of excise-taxed goods in cooperation with Arrow Logistics & Services, which has all the necessary permits and licenses for the alcohol and tobacco products processing:

  • acceptance of excise-taxed goods to the warehouse and their further dispatch;
  • excise-taxed goods storage of European and non-European status;
  • product labelling with excise stamps and self-adhesive labels;
  • customs clearance;
  • obtaining excise stamps, stickers and customs clearance procedures for Latvian alcohol imports;
  • ability to complete the goods coming by sea and by road.

Customs declaration services in Latvia at the Riga airport, as well as at the customs warehouses of Riga, Liepaja and Ventspils.
The company rovision of fiscal agent services.

Forwarding services

Работа со сборными грузами Delivery of valuable cargo with security support and provision of safety deposit boxes and facilities for the storage of valuable goods in Riga.

Goods certification services in Latvia, valid for work in all the EU countries.

Organization of certification and registration of products in the EU

Organization of works on conformity assessment in the European notified bodies of the following products

Product testing for compliance with EN standards

Services Provision of the enterprise Authorized representative in the European Union

Advice and assistance in the preparation of veterinary requirements for the import of animals and animal products to the European Union from third countries.

"We often meet ACEX at international logistics exhibitions and conferences. In 2018, I signed up for the ACEX e-mail newsletter, and without noticing it, I became a regular reader of the mail, " - Leonid Mukhin comments, - I went to the ACEX website when I needed contacts in countries I have not worked with yet. I discussed it with my colleagues. I noticed that the ideas of cooperation of ACEX Association are close to me. I hope that our company's opportunities will be useful for the Association and will further raise its prestige and opportunities in the world of international logistics".

Pasta un Kurjeru Serviss

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