The History of Creation of One Calendar

When you look at the calendar in front of you, it’s hard to imagine, how many people were involved in its creation. The idea of how the calendar should look was proposed by Vladymyr Tsintsar,  the Expert of Airfreight Department, ACEX Moscow. Pin-up style, famous in 40s of the 20-th century was created to raise a fighting spirit of soldiers. So we decided to make the similar billboard with the most beautiful ladies of ACEX Group.


How it all Began?
The task was to show different possibilities of ACEX Alliance at different regions and offices and all types of services.
To show in simple, vivid, handy, bright and attractive way. The employees of our Marketing Department during creative negotiations and non-stop brainstorm were developing pictures for each office of the company in each city. All themes were rendered by artist, the specialist of Pin-up style. The technical task was given in details and based on alive people – young ladies and gentlemen, really working in the company.

Дарья АСЕХ

First pictures with sailor Darya Apasova (ACEX Saint-Petersburg), stewardess Marina Iliina and airport worker Sergey Golubev (ACEX in Moscow) have appeared. Several days or even weeks Pin-up artists spend on one picture. They changed background, corrected details, built up the theme. Collectively five artists worked on one calendar. They created the appearance of employees under the supervision and encouragement of our marketing specialists. 

Евгения АСЕХ

We have made our first pictures, it seemed to be not bad, and the prototype was glad. That’s why we decided not to stop on it and the calendar started to collect new participants. New prototypes were: Elena Evgraphova, Specialist on Foreign Trade Activity, Denis Smirnov, the Director of ACEX Tolyatti in Samara and Ulyanovsk regions. The theme of transportation of cars and customs clearance, the main service of the company, was reflected.

Елена АСЕХ

The “captain” Denis Bobrakov, Commercial Director of ACEX Novorossiysk and the “sailor”, Maria Matveeva, Customer Support Manager, have appeared on board of cargo ship among Black Sea surroundings. Venera Fathullova, Automobile Transportation Manager of ACEX Kazan bravely showed that she will easily cope with any car. 

Венера АСЕХ

Maria Moskvicheva, the Head of ACEX in Rostov, welcomed all forwarders on board her plane. Just look at Elena Abramova, the Head of Dealer Department of Atlantic Cargo, ACEX member in Moscow and you will understand that she knows everything about cargo consolidation in all parts of the world. Pauliina Anderson, the Chief Accountant of ACEX Finland, forcefully presented warehouse services. Elena Omelianchuk, the Declarant of ACEX in Moscow, showed the possibilities of Customs services. All railway transportations are in gentle hands of Evgeniya Solonichnikova, the Expert of Railway transportation of RusTrans company, the member of ACEX in Moscow. Nataliya Nikiforova, the Expert of Multimodal Transportation Department, is simultaneously answering on the calls of customers and preparing waybills, so we can rely on the Department of Single International Calculations of ACEX in Latvia. Eduard Kasnapuu, the Head of ACEX in Estonia, clearly showed power and force of his main service – the transportation of oversized cargo.

When the pictures were ready, designer started her work. She placed all details on the calendar, chose the right fonts, created the composition and smoothened the details. On creation of the calendar from conformation of idea to printing and presenting to our colleagues and partners we have spent 3,5 months. Calendars are bright and, hopefully, memorable. Our colleges from all over the world will be happy to look at them during the year. We are grateful for all prototypes and creators for the participation in this project.

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