Future Logistics – Myth or Reality

"Arms race” in the IT market becomes global. Search for innovative ideas and development of new software didn’t leave ACEX aside.

The work of the Alliance today is focused in two directions – development of a CRM system that can be used by all of the Alliance members and a creation of a pool of customers. It can be described as a “request exchange” that can be either updated by the Alliance members or used for generation of new business. The main idea is that the requests that cannot be fulfilled by the Alliance member will be transferred to other members that have the required expertise. Due to this kind of request distribution none of the customers who comes the Alliance by corporate@acex.net will be lost.

Ольга Благонадеждина

As Olga Blagonadezhdina from ACEX Voronezh said “We will never say no to a customer,” this in its turn serves as an indicator of the strong market position.

ACEX Alliance unites companies outside Russia as well and the global agency network covers almost all countries in the world.

We’ve made a survey among the Alliance partners and companies in German, France, China, UAE and Turkey and they shared their thoughts on this topic.

Штефан Халтмайер

Stephan Haltmayer, CEO in Quick Cargo Service says, “We understood the necessity of having software about 30 years ago, but the development of software today is rapid and we always try to stay updated”.

The investments into the IT development of the company made by the German partners is about € 250.000,00 p.a. Moreover today QCS is offering its European customers a call center and it also integrates with e-commerce services such as Amazon and Ebay.

French company Clasquin that has 56 operational offices in 20 countries are using CargoWise as inhouse CRM system. At the same time Clasquin is already offering its customers a service that allows to track the cargo at any moment of time, user-friendly interface, extranet system that allows 24/7 access to the transportation and financial documentation.

Макс Ванг

Max Wang, IT manager from ASE Air Sea Express Ltd. says that the investment into the IT development of the company is about NTD 6,000,000 (USD200,000). And the uberisation for the Alliance partner from Asia is already reality. They are planning to develop an APP for e-booking, customer service and tracking.

The representatives from India who are traditionally implementing the innovative software do not stay behind. At the global summit of the logistic companies in Kuala-Lumpur the Team Global company showed an opportunity to monitor transportations and to give quotations through Whats up and application of Apps. The Whatsup program allows operational department of the company to give quotation within 2 minutes, and application of Apps allows the customer to check a current status of transportation online.

Мелис Оман

Melis Oman, business development manager in AIRON Logistics thinks that “Uberisation in logistics is actually a concept which is trying to be realized but in logistics most of the parts of the business are still done by human source so need much time to be uberised”.

Nevertheless, the popular term "uberisation" is in the light of all media and representatives of the logistic companies. Everyone is waiting for the breakthrough to a new level in online logistics. But in fact in China the study of it has just started, in Germany and Turkey it is so far only a concept, for Russian logistic Uber is also a new experience. Nevertheless, in ACEX alliance the subject of standardization and automation of joint service is being discussed for several years, and it will be discussed again at the Board meeting in November.

Expansion of goods by means of e-commerce is called one of the modern trends. And here China is ahead of all others. For comparison: AIRON from Turkey are not involved in e-commerce yet, Clasquin from France only begins studying the service, the German partner of the Alliance Quick Cargo Service gives only 10% of the business for e-commerce, and the Taiwan member of Alliance ASE Air Sea Express Ltd. already has its own separate website for e-commerce. The share of the Russian companies in this sphere is very small and to the level of Amazon is still a way to go. Russian forwarders are unlikely to have even a tenth share of the opportunities for automation business of the processes introduced in the large international companies today. But all of the Alliance members are setting their goals.

Andrey Smirnov, CEO of Agency of Customs Logistic thinks that the most important element of the future logistics is an expert who is an ace at use of modern tools and gadgets that allows effective work with digital resources and builds communication channels with potential customers. 

“A qualified forwarder cannot work alone,” Andrey Smirnov says and we totally agree with him. “Customers need reduction of transportation costs from one side and quality and reliability from the other side. Both tasks can be performed by integration of the companies by means of alliances and cooperation into holdings”.

To conclude one may say, that even with the most modern technologies the future of logistics is still in hands of well educated professionals with reliable reputation, high quality standards, experts who are united in holdings or in business alliances with the reliable and trusted partners.

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