Free Lines Company Joint ACEX Alliance

Free Lines Company (FLC) with over 10 years’ experience on the market of international logistics becomes a member of ACEX Alliance.

"On behalf of Group of Companies “Free lines Company” I am happy to inform that we have joined ACEX and are planning to start a long term and mutually advantageous cooperation with the Alliance members,” informed Andrey Vasilenko, Business development director, FLC.

Andrey Vasilenko

Negotiations about entering into the alliance took place in April during the exhibitionTransRussia-2015 where FLC presented complex logistics solutions for trading networks during Round-table discussion organized by ACEX. Complex logistics solutions for trading networks were presented in cases of successful practices when trade stock management is executed through a united distribution center on the basis of automated warehouse management system.

In June within the framework of the Russian Retail Week, FLC participated in the strategic session “Optimization of supply chain from manufacture to stall board” in the capacity of the alliance member.

In case the trading companies use complex logistics solutions suggested by FLC, they will have possibility to execute settlements via a uniform system, decrease costs for a unit of product and get direct contacts with international producers. Such concept of cooperation between logistics companies and trading networks, for instance, enables to talk about outsourcing of logistics services, the phenomenon which is not widespread in Russia but has a great potential for industry development.

Having own representative offices in Chana, Germany, Turkey and Russia, the company offers the whole range of logistics services, including international transportation of consolidated cargo, customs clearance, consultation on foreign economic activity, warehouse services (Own consolidation warehouses in China, Italy, Germany, England, Latvia, Turkey), as well as services of distribution center.

We are ready to provide our clients with the whole range of services, from goods transportation to delivery at retail networks. In addition we guarantee participation of reliable partners without additional markups, and we preserve high quality of work,” assures Andrey Vasilenko. “At present for successful business development and entry into new markets it is necessary to unite possibilities of companies; settle confidential partnership and exchange experience and technologies.”

ACEX Alliance consolidates and applies opportunities of all its members in order to provide proper quality of services rendering. Experience of FLC will surely be useful for all members of the Alliance, and FCL will also be able to use resources of partners for development of new business directions.

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